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Free Online Programming Courses

W3schools.com is a nice and easy-to-use website that offers free web design and online educational tutorials and references in all web development technologies. Through these tutorials you’ll learn how to experiment with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and how to create a website. While the site does have a huge range of things to learn, its layout is pretty daunting, and gives very little information. However, for those looking for almost everything to do with coding all in one place, this definitely a good site to browse.

  • HTMLCSSJavascriptjQueryXMLASP.NETPHPSQL and more
  • Tutorials for all beginners, and advanced programs for more experienced students
  • Testing playgrounds, to get hands-on experience of what you’ve learned
  • Facebook page
  • Forum

Site Pros

  • Huge amount of web design to learn, for beginners and even experts- in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and more
  • For those willing to dive right in, there are web coding tutorials which can teach you the basics, simply and efficiently
  • Playgrounds to test what you’ve learned, giving you hands-on experience

Site Cons

  • Quite unfriendly web page– a list of things to learn, without introduction or guide on the main site.
  • Very daunting for beginners to web coding- no introduction, no easy guide, just a list of things to learn
  • A number of reviews list inaccuracies and errors on the site, so be aware when working
  • Content is sometimes out of date, or out of use

Other Tips

  • Offers a certificate for course completion, for those looking for CV material
  • W3Fools, a website built to list the inaccuracies of W3Schools, lists a number of sites which might prove more useful for those looking to learn, including HTML Dog, Opera Web Standards Curriculum and SitePoint.


For those looking to start out learning web coding, W3Schools can be a pretty daunting process. It takes time and patience, and a little bit of understanding already, to work through the courses and acquire new skills. On top of that, the mistakes and errors that can be found in the site mean that those looking for a real challenge should look in other places, making W3Schools a site perfect for those with some knowledge of coding, but not much else.

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