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Startup Jobs is a nice job site dedicated to matching new, innovative and cutting-edge businesses- namely startups- with the right kind of candidate for them, no matter what they’re looking for. New startups can post jobs for free as they open, and prospective ‘talents’ can then browse through and find the one they think perfectly suits them. There are additional features for companies that want to spend a little, from social media campaigns to newsletter promotions. provide a wide variety of job ads Interns, Marketers, Designers, Managers, Testers, Consultants, Programmers, Sales, Co-Founders and more.

  • Simple job search
  • Very attractive, well-laid-out site, with easy-to-access features and job listings
  • Huge list of jobs available for those looking to get into a new and exciting enterprise
  • Extra features for startup companies willing to pay for better marketing
  • Jobs that range from internships to managerial positions
  • Facebook and Twitter accounts

Site Pros

  • Excellent, easy-to-use layout
  • Thousands of jobs in a number of fields, all at the push of a button
  • Newsletter, delivering new and relevant jobs straight to your email
  • Provides a refreshing alternative to ugly and difficult-to-use job sites elsewhere
  • According to company reviews, quality of candidates is better than elsewhere
  • Employers and recruiters can post their ads for free

Site Cons

  • Not a huge amount of customisation, with a search bar and select categories the only ways to narrow down your job choices
  • Jobs tend to need experience and previous startup work, not a huge range available for new graduates
  • Job range can be a tiny bit limited, with most being marketing or technology-based

Overview is a very basic premise with very few flaws- getting new and exciting startups into direct contact with passionate and talented jobseekers, using a simple but effective site layout and easy-to-find links, makes this a great website for jobseekers with a bit of experience looking for new challenges in a thrilling environment, and a great place for those looking to hire them.

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