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Best Espresso Machine for Travel – Outin Espresso Machine Review

By Manolis

As a travel lover and espresso enthusiast, I was thrilled to hear about a portable espresso machine that could make coffee on the go. I already own another portable espresso maker that I use on my hikes and excursions, which is great, but I always need to find a clever way to heat the water. This often involves bringing a gas stove or finding a kettle, which is a pain, especially when you need to save storage space in your bags. With the Outin Espresso Machine, that problem seemed to be solved. Although I am not typically a coffee capsule person, I liked the idea that I could use a capsule when I don’t have ground coffee with me. So, I was very curious and excited to try it out.

First Encounter

I must admit that at first glance, the Outin Espresso Machine looks stunning. The machine is robust and has a really nice design. It seems a bit heavy and larger than expected, but if it makes a good cup of coffee, then it pays off.

Assembling it was super straightforward; I didn’t even need to check the manual. The manual, by the way, is excellent and provides all the information you need.

Charging it took approximately 3 hours to fully complete. Once it was charged, I was ready to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Best For Travel: Outin Portable Espresso Machine Review

Best For Travel: Outin Portable Espresso Machine Review

Best For Travel: Outin Portable Espresso Machine Review

Gift Set

The gift set comes with a stylish protective case where you can place the machine, the charger, some extra tools, and your coffee capsules, making it ideal for outdoor use. This way, you know that you have all your Outin-related equipment in one place. Also, I received a nice Outin thermos, which makes life easier when you need to keep your hot water and helps you save some battery, which means more coffee for everyone!

Best For Travel: Outin Portable Espresso Machine Review

Using it with Ground Coffee

I personally prefer traditional ground coffee over capsules. Therefore, my first attempt was with freshly ground coffee beans. I filled the specific coffee basket of the machine for ground coffee with freshly ground coffee beans, poured 50ml of water into the tank, and pushed the button once. The machine started warming up the water. It took 4 minutes to get ready and start brewing. The cup came out with a delicious crema on top, and the taste was fantastic. I loved the aroma and flavor.

Best For Travel: Outin Portable Espresso Machine Review

Using it with Nespresso-style Capsules

Next, I tried it with a capsule (you can use any capsule from the likes of Nespresso, Illy, Lavazza, Cafe Royal, L’OR, Jacobs, etc.). Once again, the process was super easy. You need to use the coffee basket provided for the capsules. You just place the capsule in, press it to clip, then attach the coffee basket to the machine and screw it onto the body. After adding water and pushing the button, the brewing started. Four minutes later, the coffee was ready. The taste was surprisingly good, making me consider capsule coffee for tomorrow!

Best For Travel: Outin Portable Espresso Machine Review

Double Shot

My main issue with every single-shot coffee machine is how to make a double espresso. Fortunately, Outin offers the Nano Basket Plus for $39.90 USD, which helps you brew a double shot of espresso. However, in the last couple of months, I have been trying to reduce my daily coffee dosage, so my way of making a lungo is this: after making my first cup, I instantly have some more hot water ready to pour into the tank and double-click the button to make more coffee. That’s my way to make a lungo.


The machine costs $139.99 USD (£118 GBP at the time of the review), which is slightly above the average price for a portable espresso machine but comparable to other high-quality, portable electric espresso machines. The machine gift set is priced at $179.98 USD (£141.59 GBP). Their website processes payments in USD, so the amount will automatically be converted to the equivalent in USD at the payment stage.

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You can use the code Manolis1o at the check out to receive 10% of the total purchase amount.

Important Info

  • Battery Life: I made 4 cups on a full charge, as it takes a lot of power to heat the water. According to the specs, you can make 5 cups with 50ml of cold water and 3 cups with 80ml of cold water when fully charged. I added a bit more than 50ml, which is why I made 4 cups. However, the good part is that if you already have hot water, then you can make as many cups as you like!
  • Pre-boiling Option: You can pre-boil the water if you want to use the machine right away without warming the water. That’s a good tip for saving some battery.
  • Instant Use: By double-clicking the button, you can make coffee instantly without the need to warm the water, saving battery life and allowing you to make more than 4 cups.
  • Car Charging: It’s compatible with 12V/24V car charging, so you can charge it while on the road.
  • Return Policy and Service: They offer a warranty period, but it varies by region, so make sure to know the one for your area.


  • Charging Time: It takes around 3 hours to fully charge. Keep in mind that it’s required to use a 5V/3A adapter, which should not exceed 15W.
  • Usage While Charging: Unfortunately, you can’t use it while charging.
  • Size and Weight: The machine is slightly heavier and larger than expected. If you plan to take it on a plane, consider the extra space and weight needed.


The Outin Espresso Machine is super easy to use (and to clean) and offers fantastic features, especially for travelers, and brews delicious coffee. The two major downsides are the slow charging time and the inability to use it while charging, with size and weight also being considerations for those looking to travel light. However, the excellent quality of the coffee it produces makes it a worthwhile option for those who prioritize taste and convenience.