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Short Term Accommodation in London

Airbnb is a community accommodation marketplace where you can find cheap temporary accommodation all over the world. It’s ideal for those looking for somewhere nice to stay on a short term basis, with a wide variety of properties available, ranging in price and style.  With an easy to use and clean looking website, you can find yourself somewhere cool to stay in just a couple of clicks.

  • Get a free £30 coupon for registering via BrokeinLondon
  • Nicely laid out, simple to use website
  • Lists a variety of cheap temporary solutions in more than 25,000 cities worldwide
  • Wish List option
  • How it works video tutorial, explaining everything simply and easily
  • Facebook and Twitter pages for larger social interaction
  • iPhone and Android applications, perfect for use on the go

Site Pros

  • ‘Search when I move the map’ feature allows the you find places easily by location
  • Menu comes in 12 different languages
  • Various filters in search options to help you pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for
  • Option to list your space allows you to make money from your vacant property if you’re not around
  • Search via Facebook to see what your friends are looking at

Site Cons

  • Hard to find contact details, in case you’re in need of assistance
  • Some properties are very expensive

Other Tips

  • Be sure to visit the help center to help answer any queries you might have
  • Ensure that the country and currency used is in line with what you’re searching for, for the most accurate results


Airbnb is perfect for those looking for accommodation without the restraints of a hotel. Staying in somewhere homely and comfortable has never been easier, and it doesn’t have to be too pricey, either.

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