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Cheap Short Term Lets in London

If you are in a search for a short term let in London, then you are lucky – because you actually have quite a few options. London is used to having people come and go all the time, and as a result, it caters for all the explorers and adventurous types of this world who are finding themselves looking for a roof above their heads while they plan their next journey. The different options you can choose from vary from hotels to more budget services apartments in London and holiday apartments in London, to other cheap short term options. The providers of such options also vary and in some cases differ according to the budget one has available. Of course, everything comes with a price – more so with the short term lets in London, but we are trying our best to provide you the cheapest options you can get out there. Don’t stress, because contrary to common belief, they do exist. Click on the images below to find out more about each accommodation site.

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Serviced apartments in London

So you are here for an undefined period of time until you figure out what to do in life and get a more permanent solution sorted! All of the BrokeinLondon team has been there, and some still are… So the good news is that there are quiet few short stay term lets and short stay apartments London options. Serviced apartments in London would be one of the most straight forward ones, and if you are wondering why, then the answer is in the title – because they are serviced apartments in London . That means that for a defined price, you can sort all of your short stay accommodation needs, including everything you will need while staying there. When looking for short term lets in London, the serviced apartments in London solution might cost slightly more than the alternative, but they are far cheaper than a hotel and also save you from having to buy things such as furniture and other utensils.

Holiday apartments in London

Another option is holiday apartments in London; flats or houses that people rent out when going on vacations to other people looking to visit London for vacation themselves. Holiday apartments in London, as well as serviced apartments in London, would generally fall under the short stay apartments in London category, however the latter is slightly more general. In addition to serviced apartments in London, it also includes short term accommodation in London options which do not come fully furnished and serviced. Although those options might be cheaper, as we mentioned above, do consider the costs you will need to incur when buying all the necessary household items.