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Events and Gigs

Founded in 2003, really does have it all, from info on all the best bars, restaurants and hotels to business directories and up to date news on current events and activities. It has all you need to know about the capital, whether you’re planning a weekend in London, or a local looking for something to do after work. With a cinema guide, as well as listings for comedy, clubs, exhibitions and festivals, you can plan what you want to do at any time of day. Minor setbacks include the somewhat cluttered feel on some of the pages.

  • Friendly, easy to use website
  • Can search event via area or tube if you are restricted by travel
  • Region and borough guides available for non-natives looking for a bit of background and history to the capitals many areas
  • Join as a member to post reviews and ask questions
  • Hotel search section for those looking to stay a few nights
  • Free competitions available to enter if you’re feeling lucky
  • Restaurants, bars, cinema, theatre and directory information
  • This Week section presents the best current deals
  • Facebook, Twitter and Google + pages

Site Pros

  • Can buy tickets directly through the site, no need for hopping from tab to tab
  • Free Events for those not looking to empty their pockets
  • Business directory section has extensive information on a vast range of businesses, from Architectures to Yacht and Sailing Clubs – so you can find whatever you’re looking for no matter how specific
  • Barclays Bike Location perfect for those looking to get around on two wheels

Site Cons

  • Some cinema information appears a little inconsistent
  • Pages can feel cluttered at times
  • Can’t enter competitions without creating a ‘My Offers’ account

Other Tips

  • Always double check with any venue for Bank Holiday information as it may differ from what is provided on the site
  • Remember to check additional info and venue facilities if booking a trip to ensure everything you need is accounted for
  • Be sure to check out the map guide if you’re unsure of how to get to your destination
  • You must be over 18 and have a UK address to enter any competitions

Overview provides information on all current events and activities, as well as hotel information, bar and restaurant guides and almost anything else you want to find out about the capital. It’s ideal for those wanting to plan a day or night out, or just read up and learn more about London.

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