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Events and Gigs in London

It’s true; London can be a very expensive city to live in, especially when it comes to being entertained. But look in the right places, and you’ll soon find yourself having just as much fun with the capital’s less expensive, or even free excursions. There’s a whole host of things to do and places to visit in London that don’t cost a penny, from free museums to guided walks – all of which will make your days out that much more fun.

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Tourist Attractions

Though not always free events, London attractions are famous for a reason, because they’re awesome! However, with a lot of people agreeing with us on this one, sometimes you have to be a little proactive to ensure you can enjoy them in the best way possible. The London Pass is a great way of getting round all your favourite sightseeing spots without having to wait in line, and on a budget, too! Many of London’s tourist attractions are compatible with the pass, so it’s really easy to save money once you start using it. If you’re on a super budget though, Timeout London can advise you on all the best spots to find free events in the capital. If you’re more interested in the quieter places you can visit, then exhibitions in London are also great. With a wide variety to choose from varying in the art and culture they present, you’re sure to find something interesting and eye opening if you explore hard enough. Museums and Art Galleries are also great for getting a bit of culture.

Clubs and Gigs in London

With so many places to go in London it can be hard to find the best free events on offer. From the best clubs in London to where the next big concert or gig is being held, can always help out if you’re a little unsure on how to spend your night, (and with prices listed you can prioritise your budget). With such a melting pot of cultures, ideas and scenes, there isn’t a person in London that can’t find a place to suit them. With free events round every corner, the hardest part is finding which one you want to go to first. Budget life may be hard in the capital, but it is actually possible to leave your wallet behind when you next go out in search of that awesome day or night out. Spend your money on bills and food first, ‘cause having fun is the cheapest thing you’ll do here.