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Student Accommodation in London

A one-click platform, AmberStudent houses over 150K+ rooms all around the UK, over 200+ lavish properties in the posh areas of the UK and numerous properties near major academic hubs of the world, like the USA, Australia, Ireland and Germany, just to name a few. Their catalog has a vast range of private studios, shared en suites, and other single and dual occupancy rooms. They provide a free of cost, hassle-free, 24/7 end-to-end service to students worldwide, tipped with a free cancellation policy especially devised to help students during Covid-19. They have also partnered with various platforms like ( forex, luggage transfer, airport pickup/drop, international SIM etc.) to ensure the complete wellbeing of students.

  • 1 million plus beds are featured on the website
  • You can find accommodations near 800 plus major universities
  • Amber is present in 250 plus cities across the world
  • Receive 1 on 1 expert assistance 24/7 in case you have doubts
  • Paperwork for accommodation is handled by amber

Site Pros

  • Price- Match Option – find accommodation according to your suitable budget
  • Each house is 100% verified
  • Easy interface to view houses
  • Property owners can list their property
  • Quick customer service
  • Free cancellation policy

Site Cons

  • They have a plethora of properties in the UK, but they are still in the process of expanding their services to the rest of Europe
  • There are people complaining that they have received too many emails and calls from Amberstudent’s customer support, which according to them felt annoying
  • There are people complaining that the calls they received by Amberstudent’s customer support were during random hours and from a non-UK number


As a student, the most important thing to decide after college is your accommodation. The place you will stay and call your home when abroad. Amberstudent gives you 1 million+ options for you to select your home from. Paperwork is handled on your behalf and each house listing is 100% verified. When in doubt you can use the 24/7 , 1 on 1 assistance offered by them on their website.

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