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Student Accommodation in London

So you are a student about to move to London to start your studies and you are looking for a room? Student accommodation in London is one more item in your long list of things to sort out in you new life as a student. But don’t worry, as life progresses this list will only become longer so you should consider yourself lucky. Finding student accommodation in London is one thing, but finding cheap student accommodation in London is another. As well as getting a good price, making sure that your accommodation is near your university and of course your friends is also important. Below you will find the best student accommodation sites that offer vacancies for student accommodation opportunities in London. Click on the images to find out more about each site.

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Flatsharing and cheap student accommodation in London

Although your first port of call may be your university for help finding university accommodation in London, you can always rely on yourself (and us) to sort out your London accommodation while being a student. Options such as student halls in London and international student accommodation in London are also helpful. There are many options out there, from contacting an estate agent in London and identifying properties to rent to one of the many relevant websites and London accommodation aggregators, which we have included here. Although accommodation in London is probably where the biggest percentage of your money will go, there is still the possibility of minimising this cost as much as possible.

Summer student accommodation

Summer student accommodation or international student accommodation can be another solution to your problem, especially if you are looking for something more seasonal or temporal. If you are an international student, then target your search in international student accommodation. This will give you the opportunity to meet and live in the same flat with people from everywhere and get the chance to learn and form global friendships. So next time you want to visit this dream-looking beach in Aruba, you will have a couch to crash on. There are a couple of providers of such short term, seasonal solutions and you can find the one you will need here. Make sure to choose the one that seems more relevant to your needs and go for it!

Student halls in London

Student unions and universities do offer such options such as student halls in London, which would be the most common way to sort out affordable and straight forward accommodation in London as a student. In most cases it is near the university and you end up staying with people who are studying in the same place as you. Some people love it, others hate it! It is up to you, but keep in mind that it is probably one of the most efficient ways to sort cheap student accommodation in London, whether it is summer student accommodation or international student accommodation. Overall, as an international student you might want to consider whether targeting specifically international student accommodation in London should be a priority or looking in general for any student accommodation in London or serviced apartments in London could work for you instead.