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Long Term Accommodation in London

Through Craigslist UK‘s housing section you can find vacancies for temporary and long term accommodation in London and in the UK. You can post vacancies for free, and search a wide range of listings. That is, however, once you’ve sifted through the false postings, and got your head around the messy navigations system.

Site Pros

  • Option to post a vacancy for free
  • Housing forum
  • Blog including the latest news helps you keep up to date
  • Can view my list, thumbnail, gallery or map – allowing you to prioritise your search

Site Cons

  • Due to the website’s high popularity and easy usage, there is a high risk of scam vacancies
  • Very messy, unprofessional feel to the layout
  • Many of the vacancies don’t have images, so it is hard to get a feel for what you’re searching for

Other Tips

  • Make sure you check out the Guide to avoid scams, and keep in the know!
  • Click the ‘has image’ filter if you only want to browse those you can see


Craigslist UK is good if you want a bit of variety in your search, from different styles, prices and locations – however, be wary of the many false postings. The layout is very simple and most of the times the ads lack pictures. However, lots Craigslist UK is a famous a widely used website were you can find some

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