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Cheap Long Term Rent in London

So you checked everything out and made up your mind, you are going to stay in London for a while. In that case, you better get yourself a long term flat to rent in London. There are many options you can choose from here, from small individual apartments in London to shared flats to rent in London and houses for rent in London, too. Below you will find the best accommodation sites that offer vacancies for long term accommodation in London. Just click on the images to find out more about each site.

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Flats to rent in London

There are many properties to rent in London, and you can choose from many providers including property agents. However if you want to save some cash we recommend you avoid property agent costs and go directly for one of the many websites who are offering you the chance to identify the right long term rent in London option for you. Flatsharing is one of the cheapest options, and you can either identify houses for rent in London which you can share with your friends or a room in one of the apartments in London where others are already living in and are looking to share.