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Arts Events and Gigs in London

Culture Whisper is an events site for all Londoners- planning what you see and do in London on a weekly basis. With the ability to create your own homepage tailored just to your hobbies and interests, Culture Whisper can help you find new sights, sounds and events in London, and even get you discounts on seeing them.

  • Free 1-month free trial of the site
  • ‘Things to do in London this week’ segment, so even non-members can see what’s new in London whenever they like
  • Annual membership is £65 a year, or £7 a month
  • Articles and interviews about all of London- though some are members-only
  • Discounts off certain events and exhibits through being a member
  • Exclusive homepage for members, which shows weekly events tailored to you
  • Facebook and Twitter pages

Site Pros

  • Well-made, artistic and easy-to-use site layout
  • Free 1-month trial of the site, to see if it’s the right match for you
  • Unique homepage for every subscriber, with 12 new recommendations every week
  • Exclusive membership pack delivered to the doors of members, with both a membership card as well as exclusive Culture Whisper artwork
  • Premium Membership & One Month Free Trial include:
  1. A complimentary ticket to an event/experience they recommend
  2. Full access to Culture Whisper content
  3. A Personal Planner to save events and set booking reminders with the opportunity to sync to your iCal

Site Cons

  • Many of the articles on the site are available only to members, meaning that for those not willing to pay, their experience is limited
  • Articles can be a little short- at least for non-members- and don’t give a huge amount of content or information, though some are very well done

Other Tips

  • Don’t know what you like? There’s a ‘culture questionnaire’ to ascertain just what it is in London that’ll be right for you
  • Annual membership owners receive even better deals than monthly ones- but make sure you’ll use the site for that long before you get one!


For members, Culture Whisper offers a lot of great content, made even better by the fact that it’s personally designed for you. Its varied articles, tailored experiences, and unique discounts can give you your money’s worth of London culture, and keep you occupied forever. For those not willing to splash the cash, however, the website can be a little bare: a few articles are all it has to offer. So if you’re willing to put in the pounds, this might help you rediscover London: otherwise, there are cheaper sites out there that can give you everything you need to find new arty places in the city.

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