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Free Events and Gigs

Free London Events is dedicated to listing a wide variety of things to do in the capital, rounding up all the best attractions and events. Providing info on exhibitions, festivals, walks, museums, sights, parks and markets, the site is designed to able you to plan fun-filled and free days out in London.  With a range of activities (however not that many quality events) to choose from, it won’t be long before you find something that tickles your fancy, whether that means relaxing to live music, partaking in a weekly marshalled street skate, or simply going on a tour guided by podcast.

  • Generally easy to use website
  • Allows users to list their own events
  • The site can be sorted by day in the ‘weekly event’ section, allowing visitors to choose events based on their own availability
  • Times, dates, general information and address are usually provided, giving you everything you need to know about the free event
  • Provides details on exhibitions, festivals, walks, shopping, sights, museums, parks, markets, music and sport, giving a little something for everyone
  • Integrated google maps feature allows users to find exact directions to their destination if needed
  • ‘Talk The Walk’ feature provides 30 exclusive podcast accompaniments for walks all around the capital, wherever you decide to visit in London. (Because let’s face it, we could all learn a little more about the Thames barrier and Millennium Bridge)
  • Handy tube and train maps available to download to help those who are a little uncertain on transportation

Site Pros

  • Can be added to the mailing list to be kept in the loop at all times
  • 5 day weather forecast feature helps plan ahead
  • Has YouTube videos of certain events, allowing the user to get a sneak peek before they decide to visit themselves

Site Cons

  • Site is a little amateur in its design and can be hard to navigate, as there are tabs running parallel along the top as well as vertically in the right hand corner.
  • Some sections, including the ‘Journey Planner’, rely on external links
  • The ‘Home’ and ‘Contact Us’ tab appear to show the exact same content
  • Lack of Facebook or Twitter accounts prevents updates through social media 

Other tips

  • Always use a contact number if provided to ensure that all event details are correct
  • Check weather and news tabs on the site to make sure that event is still able to go ahead (Some are dependent on glorious sunshine, other aren’t)
  • Check e-mails to be up-to-date with all the newest events and things to do in London


Free London Events is perfect for those who are short on ideas as well as cash. With a range of activities and details provided, it has never been easier, or cheaper, to go out and have a blast in London – whatever your interests are.

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