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Long Term Accommodation in London

Gumtree is home to online classifieds and community websites for jobs, property, cars, flat shares and more. You may find short term as well as permanent accommodation in a flat share or house. Although it is probably the most used, it loses its safety since it is very easy to post fraudulent adverts, so be wary!

  • Nice, easy to use website
  • The most well-known and widely used accommodation website
  • Simple layout makes it easy to navigate and use
  • Simple search engine
  • Ability to save the ads that you are interested in for later
  • Email alerts for live updates
  • Mobile mode available for those who want to browse on the go
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest pages

Site Pros

  • Posting an ad is free
  • Large range of rooms available (especially for low cost solutions)
  • Recently viewed ads function so you can carry on where you left off last time
  • Provides Google map for each advert, so you can easily find your way

Site Cons

  • Due to the website’s high popularity and free usage, there is a high risk of false adverts
  • Some of the properties advertised do not have high quality standards
  • Room search options aren’t very well refined (only basic categories such as price range, location, room type, picture, available to couples, etc.), making it hard to pinpoint exactly what you want

Other Tips

  • Always be wary when searching
  • Check the help and contact page for answers to any questions you may have


Gumtree is good for browsing a wide range of properties due to its large number of posts, however you must be wary when searching to ensure that the standards of the property are acceptable, and that it is in fact a certified advert!

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