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Events and Gigs

The Londonist is one of our favourite London guides. It is perfect for wanting to know what’s on in London, with loads of information on food and drink, theatre and the arts, and a wide range of other things to do, including deals on free and cheap ways to have fun in the capital. It also provides an extensive list of hotels and bars, so you’re clued up on exactly how to keep yourself occupied both day and night. The only downside is the somewhat confusing navigation and the outdated events that are still advertised.

  • Friendly, professional looking website
  • Subscribe to newsletter for daily emails on all the best things to do in London
  • Sections listing same day events as well as on the weekend, allowing you to plan specifically around your free time
  • Information on hotels, bars, festivals, theatre, live music, film, museums and galleries as well as the great outdoors
  • Live weather updates means you can plan your day accordingly, whether rain or shine
  • In depth descriptions of activities with some incorporating an accompanying YouTube video, so you know exactly what you’re in for
  • The Londonist shop offers a range of different merchandise
  • News category means you can keep up to date with all that’s going on in London.
  • Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages

Site Pros

  • Site allows you to contact them directly to give them news on any handy tips they may have missed
  • Various different competitions available to enter
  • Free and Cheap category for those on a budget

Site Cons

  • Site can be difficult to navigate if simply browsing
  • Some pages are quite cluttered, making it hard to find exact information
  • Today section not updated regularly, with results still turning up past events

Other Tips

  • Make sure you double check the date of any event to make sure it is still on!
  • Keep checking your emails for exclusive offers daily
  • Don’t forget to check out the Londonist shop for various different products
  • Use the search bar provided if you know exactly what you’re looking for (This will definitely be quicker than trying to find it by section)


The Londonist is ideal for those looking to get a bit of background on London’s versatile playground. From food and drink, to entertainment, news and weather, the site can give you all you need to know to help you plan your day, whether it’s instantaneous or in the not so distant future. Just have a little patience with the navigation as it is easy to get lost when browsing.

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