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Long Term Accommodation in London

MoveFlat is a nice, quality flatshare website for flatshare property and accommodation rental in London. Looking for rooms to let and property to rent has been made easy, meaning that renting in London no longer has to be a struggle. From apartments to cheap flats, a wide range of properties can be found with all the necessary information provided. The only downside is the limited amount of properties advertised, and the somewhat steep prices for the ones that are.

  • Free, easy to use website
  • Offers high quality properties
  • Basic and Advanced search option, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for
  • Provides a useful map option which allows you to do a focused search on a specific area of interest
  • Can place ads for free
  • Provides notebook option for saving the ads that you are interested in for a later date

Site Pros

  • Options to search for properties by date of listing means you can find the newest properties available
  • Mobile site for better viewing on your handheld device
  • Provides a detailed description of the flatmates, so you know exactly who you’ll be moving in with!

Site Cons

  • Moveflat has a limited amount of ads compared to other flat-share websites
  • Most of the properties advertised quite expensive
  • Does not provide an image of the advertised property on the main searching list
  • Layout looks a little messy

Other Tips

  • Always read the adverts carefully, so you know exactly the kind of people you may be living with
  • Check the ‘last 24 hours’ section for the latest properties
  • Spreadsheet view makes sifting through the properties that little bit easier, (we think so, anyway!)


MoveFlat is perfect for those looking for a quick place to stay. With detailed information on the flatmates, you can decide is exactly where, and who, you want to live with. However, Moveflat is not ideal for those on a budget. Remember that the website doesn’t offer a wide variety of ads so you will probably also need to use another accommodation site.

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