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Property guardians in London

Umbrella Guardians provides professional management for vacant commercial and residential properties – protecting properties from the risk of squatters, vandalism etc. whilst providing affordable accommodation for professionals. If you’re willing to be flexible you can save a considerable amount of money each month as a Guardian as the weekly rate guardians pay ranges from £50 to £200 per week! Umbrella Guardians offer a wide range of properties that can be used by guardians as a place to live temporarily but also long term, and as they get closer to the date of transferring the property to its owner, they try to find property guardians other possible accommodation from their portfolio. You can apply online to become a property Guardian and if there is a property available, they will invite you for an interview at their office or on location.

  • Simple online registration
  • Priority is often given to Guardians with existing CRB checks
  • After being registered and if they find you a property, you will be asked to pay an administration fee of £60 and a £500 security deposit
  • Rent ranges from £50 to £200 per week
  • Example Properties
  • Facebook and Twitter pages

Site Pros

  • Easy to find contact details
  • Approachable helpful team
  • Testimonials from both Property Owners and Guardians
  • Lots of properties available from regular flats and homes to office buildings, factory warehouses, farms and police stations
  • Umbrella Guardians also offers a finder’s fee for any empty properties that we are made aware of and successfully place Guardians in
  • They accept guardians from age 18 years

Site Cons

  • You need to be flexible; properties are often available on a short term basis only
  • They accept employed individuals only
  • A waiting list applies depending on the area that you are looking for housing

Other Tips

  • Properties do go quickly so make sure have all the necessary information and apply asap
  • Keep an open mind for the places where you can live in


Umbrella Guardians provides cheap temporary accommodation solutions to professionals who would like to become property guardians looking after empty houses and commercial premises.

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