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Property Guardians in London

Property Guardians in London gives you a rare opportunity to live in London in a massive house and pay less than £100 per week. It sounds like a dream but it's called Property Guardianship. Property Guardians, who are those part of the guardianship program, can live in extremely affordable empty buildings from £60 per week including bills. The one thing you need to do is look after the property for landlords or estate agents in London who want to protect their property from possible damages caused by squatters.

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When estate agents in London are not the solution

You might have come across those cases where properties are legally disputed between potential owners and so they cannot be rented out properly. Houses and flats need work done on them to be able to be rented out, or they are waiting to be sold in one of the property actions in London. These empty homes are at risk of having squatters moving in, being vandalised, or broken into among other things. Property guardians is the solution to the above frustrations of landlords; the perfect way of protecting their properties without having to cover the high costs of a security firm.

Property for sale in London

One way to find those properties and become a Property Guardian in London is to be on the look out for properties for sale in London… relax , we are just joking. There are actually companies you can register with which provide this service. Once you are offered a place you don’t need to do anything more than make sure that you take care of the place and report any damage, so in all honesty, not that much. And the coolest thing of all? Becoming a property guardian in London means that you can find yourself living anywhere from a fancy place in Chelsea to an old fire station or school room. Find below some cool property guardian companies.