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What’s Free in London is perfect for those who truly are broke. It has gathered all the best things to do in London for absolutely squat. That’s right, free! So whether you’re on a visit to the capital or a local looking for some fun days out, then look no further as all the best attractions and sightseeing locations are listed in one place. What’s Free in London has all the information you need on how to get there and make the most of your day, even with empty pockets. Unfortunately, the only downside is the slightly amateur feel to the website.

  • Easy to navigate website with handy tabs bar running along the top, separating all of the sections
  • Has separate section listing events by the coming month to help those who only have specific dates free
  • More than 250 permanent listings, meaning there’s no rush to get through all of them (they’re not going anywhere)
  • Can contact site directly through contact details to inform them of any events they may not already have
  • Have details on Festivals, Events, Museums, Galleries, Lectures, Guided Walks, Churches, Tours, Cemeteries and Landmarks throughout London, all for free!
  • All locations listed have basic information describing them as well as details on how to get there and opening and closing times
  • Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages for live updates

Site Pros

  • Provides information on all events as well as an external link if more details are required
  • ‘Other free attractions in the area’ feature allows you to search for events by location, handy for those not looking to go too far
  • ‘10 fun things to do with Kids’ section allows you to cater your day around the little ones if necessary

Site Cons

  • Slight amateur design to the website, homepage feels a little cluttered
  • Though very few and far between, the spelling and grammatical errors present give off a very unprofessional feel to site
  • Some offers that have expired are yet to be updated

Other Tips

  • Always make sure you check the direction details provided (getting lost in London can be tricky)
  • Be certain you double check the right opening times and dates, a closed door or gate is never a good thing
  • Some events listed are on offer and are only free for a certain amount of time, make sure you’ve got the right date!


What’s Free in London is perfect for those who’ve got nothing in their pocket but who still want a great day out in the capital. With heaps of different events to choose from, there’s no doubt you won’t find something to Enjoy.

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