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Short Term Accommodation in London

Wimdu is a leading peer-to-peer property rental platform similar to Airbnb offering private accommodation for all tastes and budgets. By connecting guests and hosts worldwide, Wimdu allows hosts to make money from their extra space whilst helping those looking for a smart alternative to hotels. From penthouse apartments in New York, to holiday homes in Majorca and city studios in Paris, Wimdu’s range of over 300,000 properties in more than 100 countries ensures that you can find attractive, affordable accommodation for your next trip.

  • Nicely laid out, simple to use website
  • Lists over 300,000 properties in more than 100 countries
  • You can rent out your own place to those looking for a place to stay
  • Listing is free
  • A useful step-by-step guide to renting and hosting
  • Good map search for properties
  • Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages

Site Pros

  • Newly introduced 3-part quality check including visiting properties on site
  • Menu comes in over 20 different languages
  • European-based, intimate alternative to Airbnb
  • Various filters in search options to help you pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for
  • High-quality photographs made by professional photographers
  • Easy navigation of website and really good user experience
  • Long list of amenities so you can narrow down your search to find specific property features
  • Easy booking process
  • Good Trustpilot score- 8.9/10

Site Cons

  • Some customers complain that if there is the need to leave a renter’s house for whatever reason, the remaining days will not be refunded– even if it was impossible to continue staying there
  • Some complaints of properties being wrongly advertised, with the reality not matching the description given
  • Wimdu cannot verify all houses listed: be wary when booking, and make sure you’re getting what you pay for

Other Tips

  • Wimdu adds 50% of their service fee into the price of the accommodation, and the other half at checkout: if you’re wondering why your host says his rooms are cheaper than the price you paid, that’s why.


Disregarding the usual problems of occasional booking mix-ups, last-minute cancellations and fees you didn’t see, which are the case with any website dealing with worldwide bookings and thousands of customers, Wimdu seems like an easy and reliable website for those looking to stay anywhere in the world.

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