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Long Term Accommodation in London

Zoopla is one of the UK’s most comprehensive property websites. Although it focuses primarily on properties for sale, it also provides information on flat-sharing and rooms to rent. With a detailed search system, high quality properties and a complimentary advice section, it should provide answers to all of your renting needs.  However, with hidden costs and expensive properties, it’s not for those who are on a real tight budget.

  • Professional, easy to use website
  • Basic and Advanced Search filter options, making it easier to find properties to rent
  • Flatshare Section (powered by Easyroommate.co.uk) for flats for sale
  • Advertises high quality properties
  • Advice section available for those looking for a little help before moving
  • Blog with statistics about accommodation in the UK
  • Mobile App available on iPhone and Android, for easy use on the go
  • FacebookTwitterGoogle+StumbleUpon, and Linkedin pages

Site Pros

  • Has Map & Nearby, Street View, Area Stats, and Local Info tabs, so you can find out everything you need to know about the area before committing to a place to rent
  • SmartMaps search allows you to pinpoint exactly where you want to live.
  • Local Letting Agents available for those  who want an agent to help them rent or let a property
  • Holiday Rentals Section for those looking for a short stay (powered by Housetrip)
  • Over 200,000 properties to rent!

Site Cons

  • Zoopla works with agencies, which means that costs can be expensive!
  • Many of the properties advertised are quite expensive, not suitable for those who really want to budget
  • There isn’t a huge variety of types of accommodation to rent

Other Tips

  • Don’t forget to check out the property advice section for all the do’s and don’ts on renting and buying
  • Register for up to date emails from Zoopla and their partners
  • If you’re selling, make sure you take advantage of Zoopla’s FREE evaluation offers


Zoopla is great for those looking for an easy browsing experience. With detailed search filters and in depth information, it should allow you to get all the information you need for your house search – just bear in mind that prices are a little steep.

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