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4 Must-Visit Pubs in West London

Without a pub your life won’t be complete

Guest blog post by Ana Zoria (follow her on Twitter: @ZoriaAna)

This might seem like an article for some outcast, whose creepiness scared off all the ‘normal’ folks together with employers, leaving him or her without cash and company. Penniless, alone – words you probably never thought would appeal to you, words I never thought I’d be using to describe myself. But these things happen to most of the inhabitants of mighty cities, as changing a district might feel like moving a town.

London is surely one thrilling city – all in all it’s the arts and creative industries’ capital, and people behind these sectors add a unique edge to it. However, equally it’s a hub of the super-wealthy who are prepared to pay for this trendy quirkiness, but all the while living comfortably in their Victorian mansions. These people like inhabiting so-called happening areas, like West London or Shoreditch, altering the housing market and facilities accordingly to their financial sophistication.

If you don’t represent the aforementioned societal layers, living in London can be challenging. Especially, if you want to hang out in cool places and meet interesting people while living on a normal income.

So what to do if it’s a Thursday night and you absolutely must go for a drink or four, but you’re not particularly well-off this month? You don’t know your neighbours, as the only time you see them is when you’re rushing to work at 8 a.m, hiding from the rain under a Tesco bag. Got spare 15 quid? Head to the pub! This is how we rock it in West, if you happen to be around.

COZY: The Uxbridge Arms – Unpretentious Backstreet Pub

The Uxbridge Arms

The Uxbridge Arms – Pic by Mike Hedgethorne

This is a proper local’s pub that will make you feel a million miles away from the hectic hordes. With a music free policy and a “TV off – conversations on” vibe, you won’t walk in unnoticed, but also won’t be imposed to converse if you don’t feel like it. All you should expect is a warm welcome from the landlady and her staff. The Uxbridge Arms is just the right place to be lost in a time wrap and relax after a day at work.

Beer: from £4.25 per pint
Wine: from £14.40 per bottle

BUZZY: The Windsor Castle – Good Vibes and Charm

The Windsor Castle

The Windsor Castle – Pic by Mike Hedgethorne

This building is always packed with fun people and has a smashing beer garden with a bar in the back. It has a really old-worldly feel to it as it dates from 1600, and the landlord preserved the wood partitions between the bars that used to keep different classes separated. It’s a challenge to have to duck through the impossibly low doors from one bar to the next, especially with a couple of pints in your hands, and in your stomach. The Landlord himself looks like he has stepped out from the pages of a Dickens novel, which adds to the atmosphere.

Beer: from £4.70 per pint
Wine: from £19 per bottle

GASTRO: The Churchill Arms – Irish/Asian Boozer

The Churchill Arms

The Churchill Arms – Pic by Ana

A unique pub, which aims to grab maximum attention both indoors and out. The building’s façade is buried in flowers, making it look like some gnome’s house. A separate Thai restaurant inside is generously adorned with plants and a butterfly collection, whilst the main pub area is filled with memorabilia to Winston Churchill and the ceiling is decorated with chamber pots. Thai food is served with generous portions and is unbelievably cheap for this part of London. Some criticize The Churchill for its’ conflictingly ample décor but others worship it as the Kensington’s gem of the pubs. An absolute must visit!

Beer: from £4 per pint
Wine: from £12.30 per bottle
Price of main: average £7.50

NICE SETTING: The Waterway – Romantic Hangout

The Waterway

The Waterway – Pic by Ana

Want to spend a romantic evening by the canal, away from the crowds but still in a vibrant environment? The Waterway has it all – share a bottle of red on a snuggly sofa by a fireplace in Winter. Or in the summertime, enjoy the view of narrow boats, passing only ten feet away from the terrace. The flamboyant crowds of Maida Vale love the place, they give this rather simply decorated, cottage-like pub a friendly-posh vibe. Take a nice break from the touristic haunts of central London and get a relaxing to walk along the canal after.

Beer: from £4.20 per pint
Wine: from £17.95 per bottle (500ml available from 12.10)

Once the pubs have closed, after you’ve sampled the reasonably priced booze, chatted happily with the locals and generally had a very merry time, the chances are you’re going to want to carry on the revelry. Don’t worry, the West is buzzing with chain bars and popular restaurants, which often run discounts and promotions – check out here. And if you’ve missed the last tube, there are plenty of night busses that will take you home.

A bit about Ana
Six years ago Ana arrived in London to study Journalism. The degree taught her to speak not only acutely and informatively, but also to produce content which is both useful and inspiring to her readers. Ana believes life is about experiencing things and that every experience helps one grow and develop. She enjoys writing about highlights of her adventures in life, which are often related to the city where she is lives – London. You

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