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The Best Thrift Stores in London

7 Awesome Vintage Stores in London By Adam Stokes Discovering vintage clothing in London has become so much more than just milling around a charity shop. Today, thrift stores come in all shapes and sizes, offering retro clothing, second hand furniture, books, homeware and much more. Figuring out where to go...
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5 Shopping Tips for Vintage Fairs

Shop smart, at Vintage and Craft Fairs by Becky Hartley from Hancock & Smith Vintage Fairs Nowadays shopping vintage clothing has become such a trend; there are whole tv shows, magazines and markets dedicated to vintage dresses, 1950’s fashion, boho clothing, indie clothing, vintage wedding dresses and any other type of...
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East End Thrift Store

A shop for vintage lovers By Kelly Henderson (follow Kelly on Twitter: @kellythekiwi) Tucked away in an alley off Mile End Road is the East End Thrift Store. An old warehouse stacked full with rows and rows of vintage and second-hand clothing and accessories. Amongst the rails you will find all...
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4 Second Hand Shopping Tips

I’ve cleaned my closet, now what? by Afro (follow her on Twitter: @foustoon) Get rid of unwanted items, do something new & be rewarded for it! Are you finishing your studies in August and being kicked out of your accommodation by the end of this month? Is your plan summarized by...
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Second-Hand Shopping in London

Being Vintage, Not Broke! by Gemma Davey Style is how you make it. You pick your clothes, you buy them, and you put out there the image that you want everyone to have of you. But here’s the problem most of us face, in a city like London it’s hard...
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