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Money Saving Tips for New Cyclists in London

Save money and start cycling to work by Kelly Henderson (follow Kelly on Twitter: @kellythekiwi) I am trying to weigh up the pros and cons of biking to work. I don’t own a bike, and it’s been a while since I have ridden one so I don’t want to spend...
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Bike 2 Work Scheme!

Get a brand new bike and pay 42% less! Join the eco-friendly bunch and cycle to work with the Government’s Green Transport Plan! Simply ask your employer if they participate in the Government’s Bike 2 Work scheme. If so, you can purchase a new bike and accessories with a 42% discount...
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London the least friendly city for cyclists

London, the least friendly city for cyclists in the UK? Ok probably it’s true. If you consider yourself a cyclist in London you’ll have probably realised that our city is not so Bicycle Friendly. Visit EasyRoommate’s article to check all the details and the facts based on a survey they’ve...
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Free bike check and repair in London

Cyclists around London listen up! Did you know that you can get a bike health check, meaning tires pumped, brakes adjusted and riding position checked and adjusted for free? There are lots of different dates and places during each month (especially every Saturday) so have a look at the whole programme...
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Riding in London

Smart tips for getting around London by Emili Åström Riding in London can be dangerous. But it’s also a (almost) free way to get around a city where transport is very expensive. Once you get settled into London you may find that you are able to save considerably if you cycle...
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Cycling in London

Save Money on the Go By Joshua Neil Public transport: runs on money and makes you fat. Bicycles: run on fat and save you money. This one is really less of a tip, more of a no brainer. For millions of Londoners looking to get to work every day, or...
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