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London’s first cereal cafe opening in December

Cereal Killer Cafe opening on Brick Lane When we heard about London’s first Cereal killer cafe earlier in the year we have to say it oddly excited us. The idea of a cafe that sells over 100 different cereals, 12 milks and 20 toppings is very appealing! The identical twin owners,...
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Cereal Killer Cafe is Coming to London

You can’t be cereal??? In the UK we are a nation of cereal lovers, where 87% of us consuming it daily. But for too long has this Cereal obsession been kept behind closed doors. So it was like finding the prize in the box of Frosties when we heard that...
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The House of Hounds Dog Cafe

London’s first dog cafe Do you remember Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, the first ever cat cafe in London? I really loved the idea, but to be honest, my first reaction was: ‘cat cafe? and what about the dogs yo??’ (as a man, when it comes about cats and dogs I...
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Community Cafes in London

Tired of pretentious and expensive places? by Afro (follow her on Twitter: @graphiclondoner) See below for our favourite local places which will be a good starting point for you (this list will be updated as we continue to explore London 🙂 If at the moment you are A) applying for a job...
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Pay per minute Cafe in London

 The first ever pay per minute Cafe  Have you ever thought about paying per minute the time you spend in a coffee place rather than paying the coffee or the cake that you would order? Well, someone had this idea before you and now London is glad to host the...
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London’s First Cat Cafe

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium’ It’s a real bummer if you’re a cat-friendly or cat fanatic person but your landlord doesn’t allow animals in the flat… There are several solutions to this problem: One could be just to move out…but this is quite unrealistic at the moment. Don’t cry though (cat lovers tend...
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