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8 Top Tips for London Newcomers

A Newcomer’s Guide to London By Manolis Zografakis When I first moved to London in 2010 I didn’t know anyone who could show me the city or give me inside tips about everyday problems. It took me more than a year to get used to living in a massive city...
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Guide to Applying for a National Insurance Number

Tips on How to Apply for a National Insurance Number By Kelly Henderson (follow Kelly on Twitter @kellythekiwi) If you have arrived in London (or anywhere in the UK) with the intention of working then you will need to apply for a National Insurance number. Below you will find important information and...
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The Best UK Bank Accounts 2015

See our comparison of the UK’s best current accounts – including overdrafts, savings and ISAs By Helly Barrett (follow Helly on Twitter @helly_barret) Current accounts, savings accounts, overdrafts, credit cards, stocks, shares, bonds, ISAs… The world of banking and finance can be pretty damn complicated. With so many options out there,...
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Tips for the French Moving to London

Making the Transition from France to London By Adam Stokes The bread, the wine, the cheese. You’ve decided to leave it all behind for jellied eels, hot cross buns and roast beef dinners – but London isn’t all about the food… we’ve got rain here too! We decided to get...
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Cheap Self Storage in London

Looking for Cheap Self Storage in London? By Joshua Neil Living in London is tough- even the smallest apartments can cost a bomb, and when you’re under 30 and need to have the newest iPod every half an hour, you’re going to acquire a lot of clutter. For those fed...
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Moving to London Guide

Your New Home Awaits… by Adam Stokes So your friends have asked you why you’re moving to London? Yes, the weather in London can be dreary and unpredictable, and yes, the underground can feel like you’ve unwittingly joined in a battle royale, all of which is normally overshadowed by the...
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