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Top 6 Free Classical Music Venues in London

Where to listen to classical music in London for free By Sophia Moss (follow Sophia on Twitter: @EndlessMoss) When you’re looking for a great lunch time activity in London you might not instantly think of heading down to a classical music concert, but if you did it could actually do you a lot...
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7 Awesome Alternative London Tourist Attractions

It’s about time you discover London’s hidden gems By Antonis Kazoulis When coming to London, tourists will do touristy stuff – take photos under Big Ben, take a stroll in Trafalgar Square and buy a souvenir in Portobello market. But what if we told you that London is so much...
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The First SOAS Community Free Film Festival

Free cinema events from 7-12 of March 2016 Here at Broke in London we are big film cinema fans and we get super excited when there is an upcoming film festival, especially if it’s free! So, the good news is that there is a brand new free film festival taking place...
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Top Cheapest Club Nights in London

Spending Night’s Out Without Spending Too Much By Kath Butler (follow Kath on Twitter: @k_butler92) With London being the nightlife mecca it is, you’ll be hard pressed to find a resident who doesn’t enjoy a night, or five, out on the town. It may not be globally dubbed the city that...
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Cool Places to Find Free Music in London

The overlooked, epic and usually cheap live music hotspots By Kath Butler (follow Kath on Twitter: @k_butler92) London is probably one of the easiest cities in the world to find live music to listen to. The difficulty manifests itself in hitting the tri-factor where your taste meets cheap and near. This...
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The Best Venues in London for Free Music

Watch live music in a city known for live music, minus the price tag By Kath Butler (follow Kath on Twitter: @k_butler92) London is arguably a city at the centre of the global music scene and many world renowned acts often pass through its hallowed venues, think Bob Dylan to One...
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