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5 Dog-Friendly Things to do in London

A Sprawling, Dog-Friendly City!

Guest post by Leo Wilson

London is a big city with a lot to do. That goes for both people and pets. Though many global hubs do not openly welcome our furry friends, the Old Smoke has plenty of dog-friendly areas, ranging from popular attractions to hidden gems. 

Traveling around a city is fun, but having a pet can make that a bit tricky. Luckily, London has plenty of places where and your dog can both enjoy the heart of England. The following guide lists such areas and explains what makes them so enticing.

1. St. James’s Park 

5 Dog-Friendly Things to do in London

Credit: Photo by summer_kwak on Pixabay

Perhaps no public space is more dog-friendly than a park. There are many scattered throughout London, but none quite compare to the sprawling grounds at St. James’s. The area is a stunning royal park that measures over 58 acres and comes complete with trees, recreational areas, and a large lake. 

Dogs are allowed in all of London’s royal parks. Not only does St. James’s provide ample space for your pup to run, but there are many side areas they can walk or explore as well. As long as you keep them on a leash in the sanctioned areas (marked by signs), your dog will have a lot of fun chasing a ball or playing fetch on the grass.

As an added bonus, you can also stay at The Rubens at the Palace if you plan to visit St James’s. Just 15 minutes away, the dog-friendly hotel perfectly complements St. James’s sprawling grounds.

2. Sloane Street 

Located in Chelsea, Sloane Street is a sprawling shopping center that welcomes both humans and their pets. The high-end shops, featuring brands like Versace and Tiffany, provide plenty of consumer options, and there are many eateries around the area as well. 

Not only that, but more than a few of the premium shops allow dogs to enter with their owners. That means you and your dog can browse the aisles to your heart’s content.

While visiting Sloane Street with your pup, it is also a good idea to make a pit stop at the French restaurant Colbert. Not only is the food delicious, but both bones and water will be given to your dog so they have something to chew while you eat. 

3. Ruislip Lido’s Dog Beach 

5 Dog-Friendly Things to do in London

Credit: Photo by Chris Playll on Wikipedia

There are many things to do in Ruislip, but few are more pet-friendly than the dog beach. A sandy outing may not come to your mind when thinking of London, but the Ruislip Lido Dog Beach is a great place to bring your pet. 

On a hot day, dogs can freely rollick around the sandy shore or take a dip in the pleasant water. If your dog prefers dry land, there are trees and bushes they can explore as well.  

Just know that the shore can be muddy. Always pack the proper supplies. That includes towels, as well as the best poop bag for you and your dog so you can clean up after your canine companion. 

4. Tower Bridge Experience 

The Tower Bridge is one of the most popular and well-known attractions in London. It also happens to allow dogs. Though many of London’s exhibits deny canine entry, you and your pup are free to explore the spectacle.  

Dogs on leashes are allowed in multiple parts of the bridge, including the walkways, glass floor, and even the engine rooms. However, do note that the glass can get quite warm in the sun. Be careful about bringing your dog around on hot days. 

In addition, there are elevators at the site that make it so you don’t have to carry your pup around. That is especially useful for owners with larger dogs or those that dread lugging their pet upstairs. 

5. Smith & Whistle 

5 Dog-Friendly Things to do in London

Credit: Photo by ValeskaReon on Pixabay

Perhaps the most dog-tailored experience on this list, the Smith & Whistle is a dog-friendly bar that doesn’t just welcome pets, it serves them.  

The bar has a cocktail menu (dogtail menu) made specifically for canines. Though you won’t find any alcohol on the list, you will find a range of tasty items like dog beer made with chicken stock or an herbal infusion known as Pawsecco.  

All of the drinks come in shiny bowls and are a welcome treat to your pup after a long day around the city. You can also try one of the bar’s tasty concoctions while you wait for your dog to finish up their beverage.


London is an incredibly dog-friendly city. Whether you live there, are passing through, or visiting for vacation, there is no doubt that you will find a great way to spend time with your pet. 

All of the activities in this article are fun experiences, and they get even better when shared with your furry friend. No matter what breed you have, or what they like to do, they will find fun somewhere in London.


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