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5 Work Opportunities for Writers in London

Writing isn’t a work – it is a lifestyle

Guest post by  Jessica Vainer

Take a look at the world today. Practically everyone is a writer in their own way. In school, students are given homework: to conduct research or prepare different types of reports that require a lot of thinking and, well, writing. Even on social media networks, individuals compose long texts about happenings around them. The two examples above are considered a form of writing.

However, the casual type of writing is totally different from taking up research writing as a job and getting paid for it. Crafting a paper for different clients with the mindset that the job feeds you is a whole new level. Those who decide to become professional research paper writers should understand that writers are highly needed in the free papers service market and that different classes of professional writing have varying difficulties to keep an eye on. And that’s so all over the world, not only in London or the UK. It’s a worldwide thing, and that’s why we’ve compiled this list.

In this article, five types of professional writing would be discussed in detail. Let’s take a look!

#1 | Academic Writing

This one is considered one of the most swiftly evolving classes of professional writing. In essence, it has to do with putting down scientific ideas, hypothesis and observations in an easy, comprehensible, and logical way and is considered as a research paper writing service only. A true professional can find several opportunities to work as an academic writer on the internet.

One thing to note in academic pieces is that there is not so much room for originality. Professional academic writers, basically, adhere to an already determined style of writing and outline, and also use academic oratory for their jobs. They also have to research and pick up several other ideas from numerous sources on the internet like Edubirdie, books in the library, and finally, have to arrange all the ideas into one singular report. Sometimes, they are obligated to make up synopses of essays that can aid their clients as the basis of their research.

#2 | Business Writing

Professional business writers work on several types of projects such as business plans and models, business letters, mode of pitches, copies for advertising and promotions, etc. A lot of experts in this field are contacted frequently for writing services that concern business statements for small, medium and large firms.

A business writer can work for businesses as well as for individuals. Persons who need resumes, cover letters or a professional CV can hire a professional to create a mesmerizing copy that’ll hand them the chance of being selected for interviews.

#3 | Creative Writing

Creative writing is considered the most exciting and varied of all the types discussed in this article. It blasts through all other types of professional writing by giving space to the writer to form his/her own ideas, make use of imagination to the extreme and limits the writer in no possible way pertaining to originality. One of the features that makes it so attractive is that writers can express their unadulterated opinions and views about the subject in question. This is the direct opposite of other types of writing where the executor has to follow strict guidelines and arrangements.

Creative writing is really wide and incorporates techniques of literature writing, poetry, biographies, journalistic writing. If you want to get a job in media, yes, you will have to know a lot about all of those and be able to create an original, but consumable piece. Some of the most challenging issues for here include a lot of hard work, motivation, and huge monetary risks. Creative writers are considered as having the most resilient mindsets in the field of professional writing. A freelance writer salary is considered highest for creative writers. This is because creative writing is rated by many as the most difficult type of writing.

#4 | Technical writing

Technical writers are needed when a particular subject matter needs to be clarified or expounded on. The most important reason for technical writing is to simplify a topic that is technically difficult to understand and break it down for a nonprofessional. The most common pieces here are the compilation of how-to guides for mobile and PC applications, operating manuals for electronics, machines, etc.

However, technical writing is not limited to the above examples. It can also cover a particular field where technically difficult thoughts and concepts need to be elucidated in the easiest possible way. This is why most firms in every industry hire technical writers both on a full-time and freelance basis.

#5 | Copywriting

Copywriting is quite similar to creative writing in terms of limitless imagination and ideas. The most important aspect of copywriting is to promote a certain service or product to potential customers. A copywriter or freelance content writer can work on blog articles, marketing materials, as well as other pieces. They are highly needed in the freelance industry, particularly because most writers don’t have the combined skills of creativity, excitement, language skills and consumer knowledge.

Basically, a copywriter, in today’s world, is a professional who possess knowledge in all of the above areas, a one-person band, so to say. However, to become a real pro, you will have to go a long way from a no-name copywriter who can craft a piece on any topic to an expert master of words in your specific sphere everyone wants to work with.

Writing may be looked upon as something simple anyone can do. However, becoming a professional and taking up writing careers is more difficult than it seems. Every type of writing has its own requirements for skill sets. You can choose what field you want to go into depending on your talents and interests. The major thing is to keep learning and gaining ideas about your profession till the very end.