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6 Careers That Allow You to Experience London In a New Way

Guest post by Gabriel Gonser

When you live in London, it is easy to forget that you have access to the most amazing city in the world. From Big Ben to Oxford Street, the city is filled with amazing adventures. If you have been living in the city for a while and are looking to increase your in-depth knowledge of the area, there are certain jobs that will help you get to know the culture on a deeper level. In this article, we will share six career paths that allow you to truly see all that London has to offer.

1. Writer

Think about the articles and stories you see on the news each day. Whether you like writing funny columns about the weather or serious pieces about the political climate, these articles make an impact on readers across the United Kingdom. They also require you to be deeply interested in the happenings around town. If you are not aware of the shifting habits and trends, you will not write relevant pieces. From historical biographies to uplifting stories, writing allows you to keep track of everything happening across London.

2. Marketing Manager

When you are in the marketing industry, you are required to have an in-depth knowledge of consumer trends and shifts. With this knowledge, you will have a deeper understanding of the people of the United Kingdom. Whether you are doing marketing for a fashion brand or a car company, you will gain relevant insights on the current trends. When you know the trending topics in a given market, you will feel more connected to the pulse of the city. This connection will allow you to build a deeper relationship with the city and the culture.

3. News Anchor

News anchors are responsible for being at the scene of major crimes, events, and landmarks. When you are constantly traveling between hotspots around the city, you will get to know the shortcuts and quirks that make London unique. In addition, you will always know the latest stories that are affecting residents and travelers. This job allows you to experience the city while learning meaningful information about historic and current events.

4. Police Officer

If you want to travel around town on foot, bike, and car, there are value schools that train individuals who are hoping to pursue careers as police officers. There are over 3,000 police officers in the metropolitan area. In many situations, these workers are not armed. These workers are simply present to promote peace and settle disputes across the city. Typically, you must reside in the United Kingdom for at least three consecutive years before starting this role. During the application process, you will be subject to mental and physical testing. After passing all of the requirements, you will have the ability to help keep London safe and pleasant.

5. Emergency Services Employee

When an emergency arises, service workers from around town gather their belongings and head to the affected area. Firetrucks, police officers, and medical experts all have to travel to the scene to make sure that safety is achieved. If you want to constantly travel to different parts of town to help those in need, consider becoming an emergency services worker. If you are interested in helping people and saving lives, become a firefighter. If you are interested in biology and want to make a difference in the healthcare industry, become an emergency medical technician.

6. Urban Planner

All urban planners must have a strategic vision. In addition, they must have a passion for the city in which they reside. In this line of business, you have decision-making power when determining what new buildings, stores, centers, and brands are entering into London. From a grocery store to a high-end boutique, these planners must have a strategic plan for how the city should grow and develop. If you want to know the ins and outs of the streets while watching London transform and change, become an urban planner.


There are many jobs located across London that people don’t consider. From being a police officer to becoming a city planner, these careers allow you to help uphold the integrity of the city. London is one of the most beautiful and noteworthy cities in the entire world. Without diligent and passionate workers, the city will crumble. By channeling your energy and helping London, you can fall more in love with the town each and every day.