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7 Budget Halloween Decoration Ideas

Pimp up any party with these cute, spooky decorations

By Steph Dye (follow Steph on Twitter: @HelloIAmSteph)

Even if you are stuck for ideas of what to do this Halloween, it is almost guaranteed that there will be a something going on amongst your friends and neighbours. So, whether you are expecting trick or treaters, or having a house party, make sure your home is kitted out with cool decorations, without spending lots of money. These decorations also make great gifts, so you can impress your friends with some of these creative, quirky and inexpensive decorations!

7 Budget Halloween Decoration Ideas

#1 | Glow in the dark pumpkins


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You need: Real or fake pumpkins, painted white and glow in the dark craft paint.
Cost: About £2/£3 per pumpkin made.
What do you have to to do?: Just use the paint to decorate the pumpkin however you want!

#2 | DIY Halloween Poison Bottles

You need: The wine bottle labels, PVA glue and whichever bottles you have to hand!
Cost: However much the wine or beer costs.
What do you have to do?: Soak the bottle in hot water to remove the original label. Print out your favourite label from this website and stick on.

#3 | Floating Ghosts

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You need: A toilet roll and tissue, wallpaper glue, handkerchiefs, wire coat hangers and clingfilm.
Cost: Can be made from things found around the house, so no more than £5.
What do you have to do?: Build the body by making two arms from the wire and slotting through the roll. Stuff tissue into one end to make a rounded head and loosely wrap the form in clingfilm, to make the form of the ghost’s body. Soak the handkerchief in the glue and then drape over your mould. Leave to dry and then remove from mould. When dry, pierce a whole in the top and attach string so that you can hang your ghost up!

#4 | Paper Lantern Spiders


You need: Paper lanterns, black paint, black and white cards or googly eyes, double-sided sticky tape and black streamers.
Cost: Head to the pound shop – you can pick everything for less that a fiver.
What do you have to do?: Paint the lantern black, attach four streamer ‘legs’ on each side and then stick on as many eyes as you want to make your spider extra spooky.

#5 | Glow in the Dark Balloons

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You need: Balloons, Glow Sticks and a permanent marker.
Cost: Probably between 20p and 50p per balloon.
What do you have to do?: Make sure you do only do this right before you intend to use them, as the glow sticks are unlikely to last. Snap the glowsticks and put them inside the balloons before blowing them up. Then decorate with your permanent marker to create a cool design.

#6 | DIY bats

Annnddd our finished product—> #eggcartonbats

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You need: An empty egg carton, black paint, googly eyes, glue, and ribbon or string.
Cost: These are all things you can find around the house or at the pound shop, so maybe £2/£3.
What do you have to do?: Cut egg cartons into rows of three. Hold upside down and cut jagged shapes into the outside two cartons to make wings. Paint black, leave to dry and then add googly eyes to the middle carton to make the body. Thread string or ribbon into the top of the body segment to hang.

#7 | Halloween Lanterns

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You need: Empty jars, spray paint, permanent markers and tea lights.
Cost: All these things can be leftovers, found around the house or they are easily bought cheaply. No more than £5.
What do you have to do?: Soak the jars in hot water to remove any leftover label. Spray the exterior of the jar with a light layer of your chosen colour of spray paint. When dry, draw a design on the outside of your jar, add a tealight and watch your artwork be lit up!

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