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Before a Job Interview

The first 90 seconds of the job interview…

Did you know that 1/3 of the employers know from the first 90 seconds of the job interview if they will hire you or not? It sounds weird but according to a recent research by the guys at Come Recommended it is absolutely true.

There are a dozen of things you should avoid during these stressful first 90 seconds. So here are the 10 most important things you must pay attention before attending a job interview:

#1 Weird clothes
#2 No eye contact
#3 Having no knowledge of the company
#4 Quality of Grammar
#5 Lack of confidence
#6 Lack of smile
#7 Voice
#8 Fidgeting
#9 Bad posture
#10 Weak handshake

You should also pay attention to a dozen of other things so try to be prepared. Start by reading our job interview guide and check below this killer info-graphic about things you wish you’d know before your job interview. Find Jorgen Sundberg’s (@JorgenSundberg) original post on

Before a Job Interview

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