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Benefits of Working from Home in London

Guest post by B G Novak

For a lot of those who are self-employed, working at home can be one of the best options. Working in a home office can provide many benefits. In this article, we will be going over a few of them.

#1 Cut Out The Commute

One of the major advantages is the ability to reduce the commute. Commuting can be a big issue for many. No matter if your commute is a full 2 hours or if it’s a simple 20-minute drive, it can reduce your free time. Many would rather opt for a shorter commute simply because it’s a way to win your time back.

When you work from your home, you don’t have to worry about getting ready for work nor do you have to worry about a long commute. This ensures you are ready to work within a minute of waking up. Thus, you may even be able to get in more sleep because of it. You can also use the freed-up time to do other productive tasks like working out or going for a walk before sitting down to work.

Obviously, it’s also a money saver if you live in London – for example, someone living in zone 1 or 2 can save £142.10 on their monthly travel card. Someone further out will save significantly more.

#2 It Saves You Money

Another major advantage of working at home in a home office is the savings you can get from it. By working at home, you can reduce the need for office space. Office space can result in significant expenses especially if you’re working alone. By working from home, you can eliminate this expense.

If you work from home, you can claim some of the costs on your tax returns. However, you cannot claim it if you are looking to either build or buy a property.

#3 More Flexibility

Another major advantage has to do with the flexibility it can deliver you. There are plenty of things that you may need to be home for throughout the week. It could be waiting for a plumber to fix your toilet or even to care for your kids on their day off. By working from home, you can maintain a physical presence in your home which can help you deal with anything unexpected that occurs.

Along with this, you can fit in a lot of everyday tasks that you have to do in between your work sessions. Whether it’s throwing a load in the laundry or ordering groceries online, you can handle it while at home.

#4 Set Things Up Your Way

When you are working in an office environment, you will have less freedom on what you can do. Because of this, you can’t expect to set everything up as it suits you. Whether it’s having an ultra-wide monitor or setting up your desk next to a window for a view, you can do anything you want when you are working from home. When you work in an office space, you won’t be able to decorate how you want and whenever you move out or switch jobs, you’ll lose all of your investment in your setup anyways.

#5 It’s Environmentally Friendly

Another good thing that you get from working at home is a more Eco-friendly approach. After all, you won’t be driving yourself to and from work. This means you’ll be putting out fewer carbon emissions which can benefit society as a whole. When working from home, you can fully control your carbon footprint and how green your business is. With issues with air quality in London on the tip of many peoples’ tongues – working from home can be great option.

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