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Best Boiler Insurance: A Guide to Buy the Right Protection Plan

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Things to Consider While Buying a Cover

Guest post by Jamshaid Chaudhary

A boiler cover can save you from the major expenditure. By paying a small price, you can avoid huge maintenance cost and unexpected repairs. Remember, property owners are responsible for buying a boiler cover instead of tenants. With a reliable plan, you will get peace of mind and 24/7 protection plan. Before buying boiler insurance, you should check their customer care. Corgi HomePlan is famous for its affordable boiler covers and responsive customer service.

Consider these essential things to buy the best coverage plan for repair and maintenance of your boiler.

Consider the Age Factor

Several insurance companies insure a boiler less than seven years old. They may not offer insurance for old boilers. In some cases, they may inspect a boiler before signing an agreement. Sometimes, you will get an expensive cover for your old boiler. Remember, you must have a boiler cover with an old unit. It can save you from several problems.

Check Upper Limit of Call-outs

Before buying a policy, carefully check if there is an upper limit on permitted call-outs for a specified period. Moreover, you have to consider the amount of highest payout your service provider is ready to pay for each call-out request.

Check Extra Fee

Carefully check if you want to pay an extra fee. You will feel happy after getting a cheap cover, but it may carry additional charges. Instead of running after an affordable plan, you should consider an expensive cover. These plans will not surprise you with hidden costs.

Type of Boiler

Insurance companies provide a cover for each type of boiler available in the market. For instance, traditional gas boilers, condensing boilers, wood pellet boilers, biomass boilers, and combi boilers. Feel free to customize an insurance plan according to the type of boiler that you want to purchase. Carefully read the terms and conditions of a boiler cover to check any extra cost.

Types of Boiler Cover

Selection of an appropriate cover may depend on the current condition of a boiler. If your boiler is well preserved or new, you can buy a boiler-only cover at an affordable price. These insurance plans may cover only boiler. You will not get additional coverage for the main heating system.

If your boiler is a few years old, the insurance provider will evaluate its condition before offering you a suitable cover. A boiler that is prone to failure or damages will need an expensive plan. It will cover the central heating system and the boiler.

You can consider emergency coverage for your house. With this coverage, you will get protection for electricity breakdown, central beating failure, and drainage. These plans may allow you for unlimited call-outs. The only disadvantage of this plan is its cover-up amount that may cap at over £500. These plans are suitable to deal with expensive repairs and maintenance. For minor boiler issues, you can choose standard plans.

Cost of Boiler Insurance

Prices of boiler cover may vary depending on its age and working condition. To protect a new oil and gas boiler, you will pay £144 annually. If the warranty of your boiler is over or it is 5 to 7 years old, you should compare the cost of an expensive boiler cover and a new boiler. It will help you to make a smart decision. Type of boiler can change the value of an insurance plan. Modern boilers are more efficient than older models. With these units, you will get a good warranty from the manufacturer. It will decrease the need for an expensive insurance cover.