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The Best Cinema in London

Why the electric cinema is the best?

by Chane Scallan (follow Chane on Twitter: @Chane_Scallan)

You would be forgiven for thinking the Electric Cinema is the best cinema in London because of its terribly attractive surroundings (it was converted from an old-time cinema) and the seats are beyond comfortable (think armchairs and sofas). It’s worth keeping an eye on as it’s currently under new management and changes have been promised for the New Year, but here’s my number one reason it’s the bomb diggity:

My other half is full-on Italian. We went to watch Filth at an Odeon somewhere near London’s West End for our first movie-date. What a disaster. She didn’t understand a word. If you’ve seen it you’ll know how thick that Scottish accent is throughout the film (especially for her little foreign ears). I left feeling shafted. There was little to no comprehension on which to base our intelligent-post-movie conversation on the bus ride home. I wondered whether we would ever be able to enjoy our love of cinema together.

That’s when we discovered ELECTRIC CINEMA. Best.Cinema.Evs. Is it because they have giant Sofas? Maybe. Or the fact that the front row seat is a bed? Probably. But one of the main reasons it’s BEST is because every Monday they have movies with Subtitles. So we get to watch a film and leave happy, appreciative and ready to take on the biggest of film critics. You just get your money’s worth in terms of comprehension you know? Never will we ever miss a beat. Whether it’s a character’s mumble, song lyrics or distorting vocal effects.

Electric Cinema
191 Portobello Road, Notting Hill, London
W11 2ED
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The Best Cinema in London - Electric Cinema

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The Best Cinema in London - Electric Cinema 3

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The Best Cinema in London - Electric Cinema 2

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The Best Cinema in London - Electric Cinema - the Library

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and here is the map:

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