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Black Friday is close! Choose DeFacto for the best promotions!

Guest post by the Defacto team

Holidays are around the corner! How can you make the most of your holiday gift shopping without breaking the bank? We have the answer: Take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and you’ll be golden! If you’re looking for clothing for men, women, kids and babies, DeFacto online has the best promotions for stylish clothes, made to last.

Read on for tips on making the most out of the world’s best day for savings — and some ideas for what you might want during Black Friday in the UK!

Tip #1 Plan ahead!

Our number one tip is to start planning — now. Make a list of the gifts you need to buy (you can include gifts for yourself, of course!) and start jotting down which places you think you might find them at.

Now, start your research. By checking out these outlets online you can often find out whether they will run a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale, what the sale is, and when exactly it starts. Compare deals between similar outlets to find the best for you.

By starting early, you also give yourself time to research specific products and even to go and see them in person in the case of brick-and-mortar retailers. This can help you avoid confusion on Black Friday when you feel you are in a time crunch but unsure about a product — like whether that 50% off TV will actually fit in your living room or not!

Tip #2 Have alternatives in mind

You can also plan ahead to find alternative items so you don’t get disappointed if your first choice sells out before you have a chance to snag a deal.

For example, if you’re shopping for kids’ coats, you might have your heart set on something like this beautiful winter coat with faux fur hood in khaki from DeFacto.

Make that your top choice, but know that if it sells out on sale day, DeFacto has many other similar options like this hooded down jacket in blue. That way, you won’t miss out on great deals, and your family won’t miss out on thoughtful gifts, just because the exact item you were set on isn’t available.

Tip #3 Know that Black Friday starts early

One thing you may not know is that Black Friday promotions often start before the actual day (November 26th, this year). That’s because both online and physical retailers want to make deals available to as many customers as possible.

You can take advantage by starting your shop in the week of Black Friday, rather than waiting for Friday itself. As part of your early research, you’ll find out when promotions start across all of the online and offline outlets you are looking at.

Set some alarms in your calendar and start shopping as soon as they are available, so you get to the items you most want before anyone else.

If you are looking for clothes, DeFacto has great deals year-round, but we especially recommend checking it out during Black Friday week for extravagant savings.