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Cereal Killer Cafe is Coming to London

You can’t be cereal???

In the UK we are a nation of cereal lovers, where 87% of us consuming it daily. But for too long has this Cereal obsession been kept behind closed doors. So it was like finding the prize in the box of Frosties when we heard that the Cereal Killer Cafe will be opening in Shoreditch later in the year.

This new Cereal Cafe concept is somewhat of a dream come true for us, with over 100 cereals from around the world (yep, those incredible american cereals will all be ripe for picking) 12 different types of milk, and 20 toppings. And if our calculations are correct, that will come to 24000 different combinations! If you have a hard time choosing there are some pretty awesome cereal cocktails put together by the cereal experts. One of our favourites is ‘Bananarama’ – Banana Nut Cheerios, Banana Nut Crunch, Chocolate milk and fresh banana. (You kind of need to like bananas for that one). For the more health conscious customers, there is the option of granola and muesli; just throw some seeds and fresh fruit on and you’ve got a morning, or even afternoon energy burst. The cost is easy on your purse too with prices starting at just £2.50.

London's Cereal Killer Cafe

Pic taken by Cereal Killer Cafe’s Facebook page

We’ve even had a peek at the memorabilia which will be displayed around the cafe, with 50 discontinued cereal boxes you may, or may not, remember from your childhood, including WWF, Tiny Toons and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! And with the classic Saturday morning cartoons playing at the background, this is nostalgia at its very best.

Cereal Killer Cafe gave us the chance to become part of the journey over at indiegogo.com where they were offering some pretty decent perks in return for helping them raise the capital they need to open. Unfortunately they didn’t manage to reach their target, but the campaign has given them the exposure they were hoping for. You can also find them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter (@cerealkilleruk) for updates.

So whether you have an appetite for Lucky Charms, or craving for Krave, the Cereal Killer Cafe will feed your hunger with a pop tart on the side.

Cereal Killer Cafe

Cereal Killer Cafe Logo

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