Cuddles For Troubles Comedy Club - Broke in London

Cuddles For Troubles Comedy Club

Grab a giggle or two for £5 at the Hen & Chickens Theatre Bar

By Steph Dye (follow Steph on Twitter: @HelloIAmSteph)

Life getting you down? Or perhaps you need a break from the busy schedule of daily life. Well, whilst there are more comedy clubs than you can shake a stick in London, but how many can you head to to see big names of the comedy circuit try out their new material and pay just five pounds to get in?

Cuddles For Troubles Comedy Show

Cuddles For Troubles Comedy Show ©Cuddles for Troubles

Well whether you are in central London or are just in the mood for some good comedy, you should head to new night Cuddles for Troubles, which is held on the fourth Saturday of every month at the Hens and Chickens Theatre bar. In the close, intimate setting, you couldn’t get much closer to the action, plus with the bar so close at hand, you’ll never be short of a drink. Big names from the last couple of months include So, You Think You’re Funny Finalist Ross Smith and Max Turner Prize 2016 winner Micky Overman to name but a few. The line up is announced at the beginning of the month on their Facebook page so head over there to see what they’ve got planned for the next month.

November Line Up

The next show is the 26th November 2016 and will feature BBC New Comedy Award finalist Tom Ward, So You Think You’re Funny semi-finalist Helen Bauer and David Gersch.

Cuddles For Troubles Comedy Club

November Lineup

Here is a video clip of Tom Ward, headliner of the November show:

What: Cuddles for Troubles at the Hen and Chickens Theatre.
Where: 109 St. Pauls Road, London, N1 2NA.
When: Last Saturday of the month, 9:30pm onwards.
Cost: £5