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Designer Gifts for the Woman in Your Life

Guest post by Anne-Marie Hinds

There is never a bad time to surprise the special woman in your life with a present, but as we all know, the road to the perfect present is paved with potential peril! Luckily there are some truly stunning designer gifts out there just waiting to be discovered, which, fortunately for you is where this article comes in. So, without further ado let’s begin the hunt!

Each year we seem to see records broken for the hottest and driest months on record and with many of us enjoying more of the garden life than ever before, what better way to relax under the shade of an umbrella, sipping your favourite drink and reading than in a stunning designer kimono. One size fits all, so possibly no need to worry about sizes and with a gorgeous print, this is sure to go down well and will look beautiful over a bikini.

During lock-down we all probably all broke the 6PM rule of having a tipple! But to gift a bottle of gin, you probably want it to have that extra bit of intrigue and je ne sais quoi. N’est pas? Lucky for you the lovely people of the Isle of Wight distillery have your back. This mermaid pink bottle will not only taste amazing, it will look the part, helping to make the preparation of the drink itself an event. It’s often the little detail that is appreciated the most when it comes to the perfect present. That the gin is infused with the subtle flavour of summer strawberries, makes it an irresistible treat that won’t be forgotten.

When it comes to design and quality, few get it more right than the Scandinavians. This is certainly true for the next suggestion, which is a stunning portable Bluetooth speaker, that will make for great entertainment in the garden, conservatory, kitchen or anywhere you like. It’s easy to carry, packs a great punch and pairs simply with your phone. Unlike Sonos and other speakers linked to WiFi, you don’t have to worry about range – just keep your phone close by and it will function beautifully. The battery life is amazing and the design makes it a really positive addition, stylistically speaking, to any home.

It’s been tricky under lock-down, for anyone to get their fix of shoe shopping and with the steady shift towards designer trainers and away from heels, choosing some lovely new shoes for the woman in your life is that little bit easier. Have a look at some of these beauties and you’ll be sure to find a pair that is ideal for your partner. These Hoxton gold designer trainers with striking black stars are quite the statement and fit in with all manner of subcultures and looks, from hippy chic to punk and simply women who want a bit of glamour! No matter what cause you are supporting, from those on the front line to equal rights, the rainbow has come to symbolise peace, love and hope and the new white leather trainer with a rainbow from the Cocorose shop is set to be incredibly popular. They would make a lovely gift with a beautiful message.

Finally, with the weather set fair and outdoor eating a pleasure, why not treat her to a sumptuous, exclusive hamper? No matter what her taste may be or her dietary requirements there will be a hamper that cries out her name and will make the perfect present.