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Designing Your Dream Loft Space on a Budget: Three Crucial Steps

Guest post by Emily Hughes

If you’re looking for a fresh start to welcome the new year, converting your loft space into a bedroom could make an ideal change. Despite this sort of home renovation project being relatively affordable, loft conversions could boost the value of your property by an impressive 10%.

So, how should you get started? In this guide, we’ll cover how to plan your loft conversion, including loft storage ideas and tips on how best to make use of those awkward angles and develop your space effectively.

1. Consider the appropriate style for your space

You’ll need to find a conversion technique suited to the shape and structure of your roof space and its surrounding internal (and external) walls. Types of loft conversion include:

  • Basic, room in the loft conversion: if you have simplicity in mind, this could be the project for you. You should need floor reinforcement, insulation, slanted windows, and electrics as a minimum, but no major structural changes. Purpose-built fitted wardrobes could help maximise storage space in a room with a sloped ceiling.
  • Dormer loft extension: these projects include all the necessities of a basic conversion with an additional dormer window. If head height and natural light are priorities, a dormer loft extension could be best for you.
  • Mansard extension: similar to a dormer, the main difference it that the slope across the face of the mansard will make the construction look softer from the outside. This could be a great option for a terraced house, or if you’d like to keep your extension subtle to your neighbours.
Designing Your Dream Loft Space on a Budget: Three Crucial Steps

Pic taken from unsplash

2. Keep costs in mind

Even though a loft conversion can generate one of the best returns on investment, you should still plan your finances and your budget carefully. Even if you’ve been inspired by the beautiful dark beams and lofty ceilings in the master bedroom of Amanda Seyfried’s retreat, you’ll need to be realistic about what you can achieve in your home.

Always aim to stick under your budget, not to meet or exceed it. Unexpected costs including safety work or rewiring could pop up along the way, so it’s best to be prepared.

3. Artistic touches

Simple home comforts including blankets, pillows, and rugs will add character to your loft space, and depending on the style you choose, create its own aura.

Don’t forget to include these crucial comforts in your budget and consider space on the walls for any artwork or charming decorative features. Blankets or cushions in a darker colour contrast beautifully in a neutral setting, providing a focal point.

Overall, preparing for a loft conversion is a big commitment, but could prove fruitful and even lucrative should you plan to sell your home.