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Finding The Right Tradespeople In London: Eight Questions To Ask

Guest post by Zoe Price

Hiring for any home task can be tricky as it involves trusting a stranger into your home. In your hiring process, you want to ensure that whoever you eventually select does not disappoint or cause problems for you. Finding the right tradesperson should be done carefully, considering all the keys to getting the job right.

Unfortunately, choosing the right tradesperson isn’t just about their work or price. The right tradesperson is about performing the proper research. Proper research requires asking the right questions. Here are eight questions that will lead you to find the right tradespeople in London:

What Are Your Qualifications And Experience Level?

Asking your potential tradesperson their qualifications and experience level would ensure you select only those qualified for the job. The amount of training and years of experience a tradesperson has would determine whether or not the person can handle whatever task you give them. It also helps that the training and experience level ensures the tradesperson is capable and not in any way a fraud.

It is vital to ensure that the tradesperson shows proof of training and experience which you should further confirm its authenticity. The right tradesperson can lack official training but must have adequate experience. A tradesperson with zero experience and training is likely a fraud.

The tradespersons years of experience would give you an idea of how well they can handle your work. Proof of expertise would also show that the tradesperson is real.

Do You Have A License or Trade Permit?

Ask the intending tradesperson if they have a license or a permit from a registered trade organisation. A tradesperson with a license or permit would give you confidence in their capabilities and authenticity. If the tradesperson does not have a trade license or a permission slip, then there is a high probability that they are a scam and, therefore, not the right fit for your home renovation.

Accreditations with trade associations or approval from Trading Standards is the proof you need that they are a good fit. As a homeowner, you must confirm the authenticity of whatever evidence the tradesperson provides you.

What Are Your Payment Terms?

Clarify your payment terms because they can sometimes tell you a lot about the tradesperson. A tradesperson should never ask for the total project payment, as suggests fraudulent behaviour. Whatever the payment terms or plans are, it is essential to get it all in writing.

The payment terms should include the start and finish date that should be duly agreed upon before work commences. Knowing the payment term or schedule upfront helps you prepare adequately when the job requires a large volume of materials and instalment payment.

A tradesperson with no precise payment term is not organised, which doesn’t speak well of their work ethic or quality. It is important to note that a requested cash payment term isn’t ideal and spells fishy play.

Do You Have Insurance?

During home projects, sometimes accidents are unavoidable; this is why it is essential to ask the question, do you have insurance? Insurance ensures there is a cover for possible damages incurred, reducing the impact significantly.

It is best to ensure that the tradesperson’s insurance certificate is current and valid until the date of the job’s completion. You also have to confirm the type of insurance a tradesperson has, as some protect the tradesperson’s income while others preserve a client’s property from damage. As a homeowner, you want to ensure that your possible tradesperson has insurance to protect your property from damage.

It is best not to work with tradespeople that are not insured to avoid having to be liable for possible damages.

Do You Offer A Guarantee?

A crucial question to ask a tradesperson is whether they offer a guarantee. A guarantee is an insurance for a situation where problems arise after the complete work. Guarantee insurance would mean that the tradesperson would return to do repairs for free or at a minimised cost if issues stem from a job they handled.

A tradesperson that gives a guarantee shows confidence in competence which is a reassuring factor. However, if the tradesperson is offering a promise, it is essential to make sure that it also comes with a 3rd party insurance. Getting their assurance of a written guarantee is best to ensure the tradesperson does not falter eventually.

Can I Get A Work Proposal?

It is best to request a work proposal from your intending tradesperson. The proposal should itemise the pending work alongside the pricing. You want to know the breakdown cost of each renovation item to compare with others.

A work proposal which is also a written quote, is crucial because it shows the professionalism of the tradesperson. It is also helpful in preventing future misunderstandings when the tradesperson eventually presents you with an invoice.

A work proposal is crucial because it helps you fix your budget and compare prices from other contractors.

Who Are Your References?

The best way to confirm that a tradesperson is correct is through past jobs. Asking for references helps you get a review of a tradesperson’s work and work ethic. You must confirm the tradesperson’s work reference to be authentic.

It is also essential that the references of your tradesperson provide good reviews. A bad review means working with the tradesperson might be problematic. Confirming your tradesperson’s work reference ensures that they are a right fit for you.

You can also request a work portfolio to confirm it with the references provided. Finding a tradesperson for a task might be challenging. Even with the Internet making things more straightforward, connecting customers with specialists can be time-consuming. But there are few websites out there making the search for skilled tradespeople easy. For instance, if you need the services of plumbers in London, you can check out a website like MyBuilder. By simply posting the job on MyBuilder, you easily find highly rated and recommended local tradespeople.

What Improvements Are To Be Expected?

When scouting for a tradesperson, they must tell you what improvements to expect from the completed project. An idea of what to expect helps you paint a picture of the eventual outlook you would use to compare with your renovation vision to ensure they align.

It also helps to analyse the costs with possible savings to see whether or not they match the expected duration of the renovations. A predicted improvement helps determine when the goals are met or fall short; this would ensure consistent and correct feedback.

Your intended tradesperson must give you specific improvements to your home project; only then can you trust that they are a right fit for you.


Finding the right tradespeople in London requires patience and asking the right questions. The questions above are the best way to check the boxes of possible tradespersons to hire. It is important to crosscheck the information given to you by the tradespeople to ensure you do not fall victim to tradespeople who are scammers.

While finding the right tradesperson is exhausting and time-consuming, the above questions would help alleviate your fears and uncertainty. The goal of asking the questions is to select a tradesperson you can trust. Unfortunately, trust is built, which means that you would be taking a risk with your selection.

The most important part of choosing a tradesperson is selecting the tradesperson you trust with the most confidence.