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Five Easy Ways to Save Money on Removals in London

Guest post by Peter Johnson

There are no two ways about it: London is an expensive city to live in, just like many other capital cities. That doesn’t mean you have to pay top dollar for everything you do. Although moving in the city is an expensive affair, smart planning and a little know-how can help you cut the cost of your removals and liberate some of your cash to enjoy in other areas of your life in the city. Below are five simple tips to save money on your removals.

Get rid of things

There’s no time like moving home to turn minimalist. Removal costs vary depending on how much the removals company will have to transport for you, so consider the things you need and get rid of anything you don’t need or don’t use anymore.

If you don’t want to throw out certain things, you may also think about how much you can pack into the boot of your own car and transport to your new home. Items such as books or pots and pans could be easily packed into a box and then loaded into a boot.

Choose a quiet day for your move

Friday might feel like a good day to move… a ‘tidy’ day to move because it’s the end of the working week. Unfortunately, it’s a rush-hour type day, too. There will be more hustle and bustle in the city and more traffic on the roads, which could drag out the move. Arrange to move earlier in the week, say Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, which is when it’s quieter and, as a result, also a little cheaper in terms of your removals costs.

Book your removals early

The cost of the removals will be more expensive the closer you book to moving day, which is why it’s best to book as early as possible. The buying process makes booking a removals service in advance a bit more complicated, but as soon as you have an estimated moving date, you should hire your removals company. Often, companies will base their quotes on estimated moving dates and these quotes will be valid for around 28 days.

Hire a professional

Now, you might be tempted to ask a friend to help you and just load items in their car, thinking this will be cheaper, but you’ll be all day driving back and forth between your old residence and your new one. Spare yourself the inconvenience and hire a professional who’ll have the vehicle to cope with large, bulky items and all those boxes. Otherwise, costs such as parking and petrol will soon mount up. Who wants to spend all day forking out and endure all that hassle?

Alternatively, you might wish to transport some of your furniture or items to a storage space in the interim until it’s time to move out. Shift Online is one company who can help you find someone local with a van. They have thousands of man-with-van service providers on their platform and will find the cheapest, most reliable service provider in your area.

Check for hidden costs

Many removal companies are transparent when it comes to the cost of your removals, but be aware that some will charge a ‘waiting fee’, a fee for the time they have to wait before their team can actually access your property. This tends to be the case only when there’s an unreasonable hold-up, so when moving day arrives, make it possible for your removals company to get straight to work.

Another thing to watch out for is congestion charges. Will your move involve entering the Congestion Charge zone? If so, who will be paying the charges? You need to check this with your removals company. You could end up getting hit with an extra expense if you don’t.

London is a pricey city to live in and you’ll want to save as much money as possible when you live there. Plan your move carefully and you can reduce the cost substantially, freeing up more of your cash to enjoy the different aspects life in London has to offer. Let the good times roll!