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Student Deals

Being a student comes with many benefits. The partying, the independence, the lie-ins. However, having a lot of money is not one of those benefits, which is why finding the best student discounts and squeezing the pennies wherever possible really matters. Discounts for students can be found at a large number of high street retailers as well as online. Below are some of the best sites you can visit to make your money go further as an undergraduate.

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Shopping as a Student

Cheap online shopping isn’t particularly hard to find as a student. With a keyboard and some quick fingers, it won’t be long before you’re finding all the best discounts and offers available to you. UNiDAYS is great for rounding up all the latest offers and discounts, from ASOS to Urban Outfitters. With regular discounts of up to 20%, you can save a load over time. Other great student sites include Student Money Saver, which often has deals on fashion, food and uni essentials of up to 50%! (They also have a great tips section to help you in those difficult first months). Student shopping has never been so easy, from discounts on clothing to cinema memberships, there are a whole host of offers just ready and waiting to be snapped up by you – so flaunt your student status like there’s no tomorrow and you’ll soon be saving those precious pennies for your next night out or carton of milk (it depends which you consider more important!)

Deals Elsewhere

As well as retail, there are offers and deals available to students looking for accommodation and other important purchases. Check out our list of The Best UK Student Websites, it’s great for finding sites that are catered specifically to help you in a range of different areas. London Studentpad is ideal for helping you find the best accommodation solutions, from houses to flats and various other lodgings. Buying an NUS Extra card is ideal for all students. For a considerably small fee, you can save on travel, technology, food and much more. As an NUS card holder, you’ll be entitled to various discounts all over the UK, meaning you can earn the money you paid for it back within a few purchases. Though living life as a student may appear to be difficult financially, with these tips and websites, things can be made that little bit easier. Taking advantage of student discounts wherever possible is essential…after all, you’re only a student for so long! From 10% here to 50% there, over a three year degree you can save hundreds with the quick flash of a card. Your student card will entitle you to a lot, but to go the extra mile and really squeeze the pennies, the NUS Extra card will have you covered. Remember, from food and drinks to travel and technology, and if you’re lucky, even FREE stuff – being a student comes with a whole host of benefits, so all you’ve got to do is take advantage of them.