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Picturehouse Student Membership

£15 Student Cinema Membership

Tip by Jen (@JenBarnes207)

Are you a student? Do you love independent films and big blockbusters? Do you love going to the cinema? Do you love big fuzzy red velvet seats (I know I do!)? Then the new £15 Picturehouse student membership scheme is for you!

That’s right. £15! It sounds too good to be true but it’s even on their website. It’s nice to know that even lovely plush cinemas like Picturehouse remember that students need a little extra help, sometimes!

This is what you’ll get:

  • 2 free tickets
  • 10% off food and drink
  • Discount on film tickets for an entire year
  • Restaurant discounts
  • And MORE!

You must be in full-time secondary or higher education (mature students, too!) All you need is a valid photo student ID and you’re set!

Picturehouse Student Membership

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There’s more…

Are you a fresher?

Well, then you get a free one-year membership (until 31 August 2014) that comes with a free film, free popcorn, a free drink and discounted tickets.

Picturehouse have cinema locations across London:

  • Clapham Picturehouse
  • Gate Picturehouse
  • Greenwich Picturehouse
  • Hackney Picturehouse
  • Ritzy Picturehouse
  • Stratford East Picturehouse

And more locations across the U.K!

Known for their arthouse films and stylish red velvet seats, Picturehouse cinemas are elegant and comfy without feeling pretentious. Order some wine from the bar and curl up next to your date on one of the sofas in some of their smaller theatres (theatre 5 in Greenwich has them!).

Really, it’s a no-brainer, even if you only go twice. That’s two tickets for £10… cheaper than pretty much anywhere else in London and it gives you an excuse to treat yourself and spend your hard-earned ££ on cinema tickets (instead of pints).

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