The 5 Best UK Student Websites -

The 4 Best UK Student Websites

Websites to Make Student Life Easier

By Joshua Neil

Becoming a student is scary, and the sudden transition to hard work, living without parents, and rampant alcoholism can be overwhelming. There aren’t many people new students can feel comfortable turning to, which is why websites specifically for them can be so useful. Websites like The Student Room, Studentbeans and Save the student (notice a theme here?) can answer many questions students have, from workload to accommodation to looking for jobs, all in one easy-to-find place for those too lazy to look TOO long.

The problem is that these student websites are numerous: faced with so many, young students can find it difficult to find the right answers or websites for them. However, to paraphrase George Orwell (English students, pay attention) some student sites are definitely more equal than others, and have the proper resources and links needed to help those starting out in higher education. We have already found for you the the best UK student job websites and the best UK Student accommodation websites and below we’ve gathered the top 4 UK student websites:

#1 The Student Room

Studentbeans Logo

Thee Student Room

The Student Room is the go-to place for many students looking for support; with dozens of articles and guides on everything imaginable, there is some great advice for those wishing to learn more about the student lifestyle, especially student jobs (their employer profiles are extensive enough to make the NSA proud). Plus, unique among many student websites, they have excellent forums to talk to like-minded individuals about whatever you desire (sex tips and drinking stories, almost certainly). It’s a place to feel welcome among like-minded people, de-stress, and find answers to any questions you have, however weird. Obviously, this can be as much a problem as it is a solution- none of the forum posters have received their doctorates yet, if you know what I mean- but the forums can still give intelligent deconstructions about what it means to be a student, filled with insights and tips that only someone currently living that life can give. As such, the Student Room forums are a place offering advice that no other articles have (Also found: inane teenage prattle).

  • Huge range of articles, on everything a student could need
  • Excellent ‘employer guides’ for all major global companies
  • Despite their negative points, the forums are definitely the site’s greatest strength


#2 Studentbeans

The Best UK Student Websites


Another great site is Though the layout is a bit of an attention-deficit nightmare, and some of the articles are a little… odd (‘21 Ways to Make a British Person Nervous’?- this site’s layout is at number one, if you ask me), digging deeper finds the incredibly useful  ‘Easy Guides’ (few in number, but giving a great introduction to life as a student), blogs, and regular columns on everything from student accommodation to advice on how to get a job. Their job section gets straight to the point, giving an enormous listing of full- and part-time jobs, and their events and discounts are second to none, giving hundreds of offers in a number of categories, as well as a huge list of brands to trawl through. Plus, the Studentbeans I.D. mobile app can deliver discounts on the go. Though the lack of forums does make it feel a little isolated, the usefulness of the information cannot be denied, and the site really is filled with enough great content to satisfy anyone starting out life as a student.

  • ‘Easy Guides’ are deep and very useful insights into student life
  • Complete job listings from around the U.K.
  • Studentbeans I.D. app for discounts on the go


#3 Save the Student!

The Best UK Student Websites

Save the Student

Save the Student! is unique among the others, in its almost Scrooge McDuck-ian (McDuck-ite?) obsession with money; that being said, it is excellent at what it does, and while the reality of money can be scary for someone whose main investment gets poured down them every weekend, no other site gives such sensible and useful advice. Arranged over several categories, the site’s articles begin with saving and investing money and move on to a wider range of topics, such as jobs, accommodation and managing phone bills. The site has its own jobs listings, with vacancies across the whole of the UK. Unlike Studentbeans, a search option allows students to narrow down jobs to better suit them, making it probably the best website for finding summer jobs and work for students. It also offers lists of discounts from across the U.K, allowing the user to search by store and category, as well as hosting competitions and giveaways. Packed with intelligent information on any range of topics, Save the Student! is an essential website for the money-conscious student (for a few others, check, Unidays and the NUS Extra card).

  • Excellent job listings, with searches to narrow choices down
  • Discounts across the U.K.
  • Hundreds of in-depth articles on saving, investing, and general student life


#4 Studential

Best UK Student Websites

Another easy-to-use (but small) UK student site, Studential gives clear categories ranging from GCSEs to Postgraduate careers, each containing thorough guides on stuff like job-specific personal statements, options during gap years and the pros and cons of starting your own business. Beyond such guides, the site offers select profiles of certain jobs, such as the army, and many tips and tricks to finding, interviewing for, and succeeding in the right job for you. It also has a selection of links on its homepage which lead to job sites, discounts for students and international student accommodation.

  • Useful guides ranging across all educational fields
  • Career profiles and guides to help in all aspects of job hunting
  • Links to offers, jobs and further articles

Of course, a general overview can only give you so much, and most people will look for something specific in their sites, whether it is money advice, job listings or articles about how to annoy British people. To cater to these needs (at least, the first two- for the third, feel free to email me), nothing can substitute for their own research, time and thought. Or hey, do as students do, just read this article and pick the one with the most columns about sex (it’s Studentbeans, go for Studentbeans), I suppose.

For more info on student jobs check our Job Hunting Student Category and and if any of the above sites have interested you, check out their Twitter:

The Student Room: @studentroom
Studentbeans: @Studentbeans
Student365: @student365
SavetheStudent!: @Savethestudent
Studential: @Studential

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