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Free Access to Swedish Fit Classes for Men all November

Swedish Fit is wearing a moustache in support of Movember

By Mansoria

Who said that fitness has to be only for women? No matter your gender, your age, even if you are casual sportsperson or a real athlete. Swedish Fit is a complete smart body workout designed around music and rhythm for convenience of everyone. This fitness method promises to make people sweat by having a good move and having fun.

During the “Swedish Fit Men’s month” in support of Movember, Swedish Fit is offering free access to classes for men during all November. (If you are a woman don’t be shame you are still and you will be always very welcome with very attractive access to classes in London and abroad…!)

What is Swedish Fit?

Swedish Fit is a fitness method which has now become extremely popular in all Europe. It offers a whole range of complementary classes like Core class, Standard class, Cardio-Flex class or even 75 minutes one. We can summarise this amazing concept on 4 key points :

1. A Complete Sport: warm-up, muscle-building, cardio, stretching … all in one hour. Each session is structured in several sequences for an optimal stimulation of the cardiovascular system, muscles and joints preserving the physical integrity of every participant. Not to mention the balance and coordination exercises, recommended to maintain and strengthen the psychomotor skills. The sequences are linked for maximum energy expenditure without exhaustion.

2. Have Fun, Get Fit: spend the maximum amount of energy, whilst having fun. You will leave the session happy with a body full of this welfare hormones called endorphins and without forgetting that beautiful red face we all dread!

3. Fitness for Everyone: Classes are developed together with doctors, physiotherapists and osteopaths. It’s a great option for those who want to pick up gym again, follow a healthy lifestyle with effective and regular exercise or just move and have fun!

4. Affordable Exercise: Classes will be free for men during all November, the traditional Swedish Fit Men’s Month. Otherwise access and membership are still very attractive and give you access to all classes in London and abroad.


Where does Swedish Fit take place?

Classes take place on various studios at The City, King’s Cross, Marylebone, Soho, during the week and the weekend. Ten classes with various intensities are offered from Monday until Sunday. Check out the the location here.

How to join classes?

Check the website to find a class which fit your own schedule. No need to book the class. Just make sure to come 15 minutes before the beginning with good trainers, bra for the ladies and comfortable outfits.

How to support Movember

Swedish Fit’s traditional “Men’s Month” now coincides with Movember. Sign up with the following link to join the Swedish Fit London Movember Team. You can follow and share on social media using the hash tag #SFMUSTACHE to post and find pictures of Mo Bros & Mo Sistas and their moustaches.

Finally, don’t forget to follow Swedish Fit on Facebook and on the website for further updates and news!