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Free Guided Walks in London

Find out more about our city!

London is an incredible city, full of mysteries and historical anecdotes, which surprises its visitors at every corner! Why not getting a better knowledge let’s say on Shakespeare’s life or on London’s hidden rivers (you’ve just acknowledged their existence, eh? Don’t worry, me too..).

themed-guided walk may be an amazing way to explore London and the best hasn’t come yet. Footprints of London, the website that offers guided walks in and around the capital, is offering all their walks during January for free (and they’ve more than 28 walks scheduled for January!).

This means that you’ve got an incredible big range of choices, created to satisfy everyone! For example, you could attend the walk around the atmospheric Bankside area of Southwark, exploring London’s red light district in the Middle Ages. But if this does not catch your attention, there are lots of other possible options, just check them on Footprintsoflondon website and book asap your free guided walks in London because the free places will fly away soon..!