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How to Have a Great Cheap Day out in London

The best things to do in London without having to spend more than £10

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It’s a common misconception that you have to have a lot of money in London to have a great day out. As home to some of the most beautiful parks, free museums and awesome markets in the world, you can have an amazing cheap day out in London without having to pay for anything more than topping up your oyster card, here’s how:

Visit a museum

From the amazing Natural History Museum to the V&A, London has a whole host of museums that are free to visit and have some of the most wonderful exhibitions in the world. Experience some free culture at the Tate Modern where some of the most impressive modern art is displayed or head to the South Bank for an educational day out at the Imperial War Museum. With so many different opportunities to learn for free at London’s free museums you can spend hours wondering around and it’s educational too.

How to Have a Great Cheap Day out in London

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Head to a market

With some of the most famous markets in the world on your doorstep, there’s nothing like hunting for a few bargains or sampling some delicious cheap street food to fill up your day. Head to Camden market is you want to experience some of the quirky parts of London, you’ll be sure to pick up some delicious street food for under £5 and you can spend hours wandering around the endless stalls looking at everything from trinkets to vintage clothes, records to jewellery and books.

How to Have a Great Cheap Day out in London

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Go for stroll

With Hyde Park, Richmond Park and St James’ Park all free to visit, a stroll around you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to green spaces in the capital. Head to Hampstead Heath, just a few miles out of the city, to feel like you’re truly in the countryside away from the hustle and bustle of everyday London life. Whether you want to enjoy a picnic on the grass or feed the ducks in Hyde Park, you’re sure to be able to have an amazing day out at any of London’s green spaces depending on which one you’re closest too, and if it’s sunny you could even treat yourself to an ice cream.

How to Have a Great Cheap Day out in London

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Watch the free entertainment

London’s arts scene is ever growing and with it comes an amazing variety of free art forms across the city. Head to Covent Garden to see the famous street performers who entertain on the streets day in day out. With London’s streets packed with buskers, performers and comedians you’ll be sure to find some free entertainment to impress. With fire breathers, contortionists and gymnasts all having to audition to be able to perform at Covent Garden, the quality of entertainment is really high so you won’t be disappointed.

How to Have a Great Cheap Day out in London

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There are many ways to have a cheap day out in London, without having to spend any more than a couple of pounds. Plan ahead and you might be able to have a completely free day in London, if not following these tips you’ll be able to organise a whole day of fun without having to spend more than the change in your back pocket.