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Here’s How to Spruce Up Your Wardrobe This Autumn

Guest post by Eva Wilson

Autumn is the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe and spruce up your outfit. Whether you like to stick with what you know or are looking for something totally different, this article has top-notch ideas that will suit any taste. From clothing pieces to accessories, here you’ll find out what to consider when going out.

1. Add Some Trinkets

A large section of autumn fashion is dedicated to accessories. And their vast variety in autumn colours will allow you to create any desired outfit. First, consider wearing a wristwatch which will go with autumn outfits. A new smartwatch may be a good option as well. There’s no need to buy a new pair every time to fit your outfit. Check for some fancy watch bands that can be easily interchanged. For instance, Horus watch bands for Apple Watch and wristwatches have leather and rubber straps to ant taste.

Another great thing to consider this autumn is a trendy hat. Pick a fedora or a bowler hat for autumn with bright autumn colours. They will look amazing and keep your head warm at the same time. A scarf is another autumn accessory that can add some life to any outfit or change it completely if needed. Finally, consider wearing golden rings which are great autumn fashion accessories. They will look nice with other accessories and will make your autumn outfit complete.

2. Bring More Light

First of all, autumn is not the time to wear only dark-coloured garments. While darker shades are always in trend and work well with autumn wardrobe staples such as leather boots or trench coats, it’s also a good idea to add some lighter pieces. They will give your autumn outfit more depth.

Colours like forest green, burgundy red, navy blue and even black can be great choices if worn correctly. For example, light grey trousers would look gorgeous paired with a maroon blazer (and don’t forget about neutral coloured shoes).

3. Make You Feel Warm

The second thing you need to know when choosing autumn clothes is how much skin you’re comfortable showing. If temperatures tend to be lower during this season of the year and there’s no warm autumn sun, it’s a good idea to keep your autumn outfit more conservative and wear long-sleeved shirts or sweaters.

When autumn comes along with its cool temperature and refreshing breeze, you can finally start wearing those trendy outerwear pieces that will take your autumn outfits from drab to fab. The first one is the biker jacket. This timeless classic never goes out of style as well as being incredibly practical for autumn days. If leather isn’t really your thing but you still want an edgy piece in your autumn wardrobe, check our selection of suede jackets that come at affordable prices.

Another must-have item is raglan sleeve topcoats. It gives off a relaxed vibe perfect for casual looks during autumn afternoons spent at the park.

4. Wrap It Up!

When autumn evenings start to get chilly, wrap yourself up in a chunky knit cardigan that will keep you warm throughout autumn nights. If it is too hot or your outfit already contains another layer for warmth, choose an oversized lightweight pullover with slits on the sides to provide some ventilation during autumn days spent outdoors. Now that you know what autumn outfits to wear, it’s time for the finishing touches.

5. Don’t Forget Your Bag

As for the bag to complete your autumn outfit, consider a cross-body bag which is fashionable yet practical. Another brand-new option is a frame bag which is worn on the neck. It is the hottest autumn fashion accessory which can be worn with any autumn outfit. Any leather-like handbag is a great thing to have. It’s an autumn fashion piece of accessories which will never go out of style. As for the colours, the bag should match your footwear. These could be pastel or coal hues, or just solid black.


Autumn is a time to enjoy the change of season, while also planning for the colder months ahead. The best way to get your wardrobe ready for this transition? Start with updating your basics and stocking up on versatile pieces that can be worn in multiple ways. Investing in quality items will not only make you feel better about what you wear day-to-day, but it’ll keep them looking good longer too. Here are some tips on how to update your wardrobe this autumn.