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How to Avoid Autumn Depression

Ways to Make Yourself Happier

Guest post by Lidiia Morozova

Autumn is a challenging time for our bodies when we especially need care and vitamins. At the same time, we live in a century of work, when making money takes the majority of the time. We have no time for self-care and just having fun. Because of that, unfortunately, the majority of people face depression during the autumn period.

How to be a modern person and at the same time remain healthy and emotionally stable?

We have some tips that we believe will help you stay up easily.

#1 | Use less transport

Walking is a great way to improve your overall health. It`s said that just 30 minutes of walking every day can strengthen bones, reduce body fat, increase your heart’s working ability and stimulate muscle power.

#2 | Eat healthy food

In the modern world, it is okay to miss breakfast or to forget about lunch. It`s normal to eat junk food in order not to waste time on cooking. But is it okay for our bodies? The answer is NO. Food is the source of energy for us.  Every person`s body needs vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and water daily. Otherwise, it starts using existing reserves and depletion comes soon. As a result, we can not only feel weak but also be psychologically and emotionally unstable.

So, be attentive to your diet!

#3 | Sleeping time

Sleep, sleep, sleep and sleep again!

We spend time sleeping from six to eight hours a day. Does it mean we lose more than a quarter of a day just doing nothing?? NO! Sleeping is a passive activity during which the body and brain are dormant, but at the same time they work to repair muscle, organs, and other cells, stimulate chemicals which strengthen your immune system that circulate in your blood

So do not forget to give your body rest!

#4 | Find time for emotions

It’s good to be stable unless stability changes to boring routine. We need emotions and some colourful memories! We are not talking about just losing time for something funny but absolutely unimportant.

We advise you to choose activities due to your character that would be not only interesting but also bring benefits. Do not be nervous, stay calm. Many parents use an Instagram tracker app to make sure their children are safe. Because your peace is the key to your health!

#5 | Try something new

This advice is connected to the previous. Why are you waiting for a special time to do something?

Have you been dreaming about something for your whole life? Do it now!

Try something you’ve never done before! Step out of your comfort zone! (But think carefully. Do not do something dangerous for your life!)

Life is short and it’s not good to lose your precious time for depression! Love yourself, smile more and you will see the world-changing!